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Full Outdoor Display

Designed to endure harsh outdoor conditions and deliver your message

with exceptional clarity around the clock


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Fengshi Focus on Outdoor High Brightness LCD Use Solutions Since 2009.


Sunlight Readable LCD Panel


Open Frame LCD Display


Window Facing LCD Display


Full Outdoor LCD Display


Captivate your audience with outdoor and digital window displays built to weather the storm and shine in any light.

Street Furniture

Fengshi LCD digital signage is using the LCD display as a display terminal, to create scene marketing. As common equipment for widely used in public place, such as park, playground, plaza. The outdoor LCD display is not limited by time and place and can save manpower and facilitate transactions. The high brightness LCD display has the advantages of being visible in the sun, and various sizes are available. LCD Advertising display will use this advantage to vividly display content in front of customers.


Digital Signages are used at bus station, subway, airport and virtually any business environment can benefit from the use of lcd digital signage.An ultra high brightness display will make your content look better and make your customers stop and look. Ultra high bright monitors make a huge difference to how your content is viewed whether it is indoor or out. Outdoor LCD application Fengshi high brightness LCDs display are offered in a variety of sizes and brightness to fit transportation.

Shopping Mall

Fengshi window facing display can stimulate and induce consumption. LCD advertising display carried out, consumers will buy one after another.The high brightness lcd screen visual and sensory images and inducements caused by advertisements often arouse consumers’ real desire to buy. Strengthen their corporate image, and the number of appearances to strengthen customers’ memory.Storefront lcd window facing display are widely used in our daily life.


In order to attract customers, car restaurants are located at highway rest areas or highway intersections, and are mostly covered with large circular tall towers, plus flashing neon lights to attract customers. Applying high brightness lcd,full outdoor lcd display, digital signage, advertising display to car restaurant is the most sensible choice.Make it easier for customers to find your brand from a distance.

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