Intelligent bus station LCD digital signage used in songyang

I believe this is the “waiting for bus” anxiety that many citizens who travel by bus have experienced, especially in the cold winter, and every minute of waiting is torment. Now, people in Songyang can reduce this anxiety. The first batch of 5 intelligent bus electronic stop signs in Songyang County has been completed!

Come and see where are they?

Location: Songyang County People’s Hospital Station, Tianyuan Square Station, Ming and Qing Ancient Street (Nancaichang) Station, Municipal Square Station, Xipingshan Park Station.

In order to provide citizens with an intelligent and convenient bus station, the first batch of smart bus electronic stop LCD display digital signage signs in Songyang County were built and put into use.

As one of the ten livelihoods in Songyang, the intelligent bus station electronic stop high brightness lcd display signage system is an important part of our county’s smart city and smart transportation. After applying new lcd digital signage high brightness sunlight readable lcd  display technology to the old bus station, you can query real-time bus and public exchange at the bus station information. The intelligent bus station stop outdoor lcd digital signage is not only an effective carrier for transmitting bus service information and publishing public welfare propaganda, but also fulfilling the citizens’ need for intelligent travel, which has a particularly important role in promoting the city’s taste and beautifying the city’s image.

The intelligent bus station stop lcd digital signage has a 55-inch outdoor lcd screen, which can visually display the arrival information of bus passing through the line in real time.

At the People’s Hospital Bus Station, the smart bus electronic stop digital signage standing quietly on the side of the bus station kiosk attracted the attention of the waiting crowd. The citizens who just arrived at the station could not help but sigh “a beautiful stop sign”, “it will be convenient to wait for the bus after having this”

The intelligent bus electronic bus stop sign incorporates many convenient functions such as real-time vehicle arrival broadcast, line query, weather forecast, public service advertisement, and information release. It can also play a good lightening and beautifying effect at night, and play the social function of beautifying the city and promoting the city.

In the interactive interface, passengers can interact with each other through the metal button system of the electronic stop sign, query the surrounding tourist information, transfer routes, etc., to meet the real-time query needs of passengers in public travel, bus information.

Citizens can inquire the travel information of public transportation, that is, the information of the current routes and stations of all routes in our county.