Online Trade Show 2020 Fengshi on Alibaba in Shenzhen China

Fengshi company took part in the international on line trade show Alibaba 2020 in Shenzhen – the #Super September for digital signage.

For today digital systems are actively used in advertising technologies and information navigation area. At the stand our company presented not only flagship products, but also a new line of products. Follow us:

Very much interest was shown to the “window facing lcd display”, slim and light design:

  • high Tni110’C opencell with typical 2500cd/m
  • 8.8mm bezel and 85.3mm depth, slim design
  • built-in industrial grade power supply unit
  • ultra quiet operation cooling fan
  • QWP technology support

The model of a double-sided window facing display, support roof hanging and floor standing 2 mounting methods. With typical brightness 2500cd/m facing outside shop and 700cd/m facing inside.

dual sided window facing lcd display

Also a digital menu board with 700cd/m brightness will be presented.

All the products we’ll present to you on 19th Sep. 2020 01:00~03:00(GMT+8).

We thank all the visitors in advance and see you in the show then.


How digital signage can help you reopen safely

Municipalities and organizations around the country are beginning to relax COVID-19 restrictions, but things can get confusing pretty fast for people. Each state, county and city may have their own guidelines, and even individual organizations or different facilities can have their own set of rules. By leveraging the power of digital signage, you can make sure that everyone who goes to your location, whether it’s customers, visitors, employees or students, knows what to do and where to go. And, more importantly, how to stay safe and healthy.

Obviously, you’ll want some sort of welcome back message up on the digital signs. This is more than just a “feel good” tactic; it also serves to remind your audience that things are a little different now and that there may be changes that they need to pay attention to. Also, this is a great opportunity to thank your staff and clients for supporting you during the closure.

Some places are requiring visitors to either pre-register or register upon entering a building. If this is the case, a reminder message on entryway or reception screens will help set expectations, and you can provide instructions for how to register or contact the person you’ve come to see right on screen.

Buildings may also have a maximum capacity for the time being. Tying a data source like Excel to your digital signs will help people keep track of how many people are currently onsite. And it updates automatically on screen as numbers are entered in the spreadsheet. Elevators and other enclosed spaces may also have capacity limits. You might post physical signs at strategic locations, but the digital messages can help reinforce these rules, as well as make you iconography and imagery familiar to the audience. If there are areas that are off limits to visitors, a message with that information, and maybe a map of restricted locations, would also help head off potential problems.

It will be important to include messages about your facility’s policy on masks and social distancing (for walking, standing, queuing and even sitting). You’re almost certainly going to want to include frequent reminders to wash hands. You may also have disinfectant or bottles of hand sanitizer in various locations, and messages on the digital signs can not only remind people when they should use this (for example, before touching elevator buttons), but where those hygiene stations are in the facility.

To minimize how often people need to touch things, you might add a policy of trying to leave doors open whenever possible, or to take the stairs over the elevator if your destination is just a couple of floors away.

Some organizations are implementing one-way hallways to help people maintain proper distancing. High Brightness LCD Digital Signs can point the way with simple directional arrows. Some stairways may also become one-way during this transition period, with certain ones being “up only” while other are “down only.” Even if you have these instructions on screens, it’s still a good idea to put directional markers on floors and stairway doors.

Reminders to wipe down workstations and other areas used when finished are also a good idea. It may seem obvious, but there’s a lot of newness going on, and reminding people can only be of benefit to them and your organization. Similarly, messages telling people to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing, and to stay home if they feel any symptoms may seem like overkill, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even policies like not sharing pens, cups and other commonplace items are a good idea.

On-site locations such as café or gyms may remain closed or have new hours of operation, or they may have rules of their own. Again, use your digital signs to keep people updated so you can set accurate expectations and avoid confusion or frustration.

If you have interactive lcd displays, QR codes are a great way to retain the benefits of interactivity without asking people to touch screens. Adding a voice-use interface, where people interact with the lcd screen simply by talking to it, keeps all of your interactive option while minimizing risk to your audience. At the very least, you should have sanitizer next to the lcd screens, and reminder messages to wipe it down after use to minimize germ transmission.

You can also add a voice interface to some interactive meeting room digital signs, making them a totally hands-free option for space management. If you can’t do that, you can still put messages on your room digital signs that list things like current seating capacity, and maybe show a seating chart with spacing recommendations. Policies about how to enter and exit meeting rooms (for example, always enter/exit in a clockwise direction) can help avoid crowding around doorways. Room signs can also show if a room is waiting to be cleaned, in the process of being cleaned, or is ready to go for the next group of people.

Even if you don’t have room digital signs, you can still put room capacities, seating recommendations and other room policies on your large screens. This can help your staff to know which rooms are best for their meeting, and what to expect when they get there. And this isn’t just for meetings, you can do the same for computer labs, cafeterias, libraries, huddle/collab places, lounges and any other shared spaces.

On all of your reopening messages, try to include a QR tag or short URL that lets people access a comprehensive list of current guidelines on your intranet or website. Including links to state or county guidelines, or even CDC recommendations, can also be helpful to remind people that all of these new rules are part of a much larger picture.

And don’t forget to reinforce the positive. COVID-19 has created major change in people’s lives, and getting used to new rules can cause some people to feel anxious. So, try to counteract that with some inspirational, motivational or even funny messages. As restrictions are lifted, instead of simply discontinuing those messages, celebrate that change and let people know about the most recent step toward normalcy. Lightening the mood helps everyone deal with the current situation better, and creates community and unity.

Hopefully, people were already used to relying on your lcd digital signs for current info, so getting on-screen updates about reopening measures should seem natural to them as they come back to your office, school or shop. The key is transparency and communication, and with the right reopening messages you can ease stress, minimize disruptions, and keep everyone safe and healthy.

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Outdoor lcd digital signage trend

Most articles on the topic of Digital Signage trends start with predicted positive growth. In this article we’ll be ignoring those numbers and rather talk about technology behind it. After all, we are manufacturer and not economists. So, what are the trends in digital signage industry?

32-inch to 75-inch range
LED displays are getting bigger and bigger, and technology behind it more refined. For example, in 2018, Samsung installed the largest curved display, with total surface area of 1,620 square meters – four times the size of a basketball court. But bigger isn’t always better. No matter how big screens get, its function stays the same. Day-to-day engagement is better achieved with displays that offer a user-friendly and personalized experience. For this aspect, trend is in favor of LCD signs in the 32-inch to 75-inch range. These sizes get more technology in a smaller space. Their function is not only capturing attention, but in offering memorable experience.

Regardless of the size, outdoor digital signs are a communication platform with targeted audience, placed in public areas. The digital signage industry started with simple outdoor advertisement displays, and has gradually has evolved into a comprehensive communication platform, used daily for multiple business functions and to deliver information in public places. The wave of innovation was and still is, rooted in interactivity. Introduction of touchscreens opened new horizons. It enabled two-way communication, which is still the main advantage of LCD digital signs.

Interactive experience engages users and enables personalized experience. Interactive touchscreens are essential to enabling the experience and making services, information and products more accessible. Whether cities want to communicate more seamlessly with their citizens or businesses seek a deeper connection to customers, interactive digital signage makes this possible like never before.

Analytics and product recognition
Interactive digital sings bridges the gap between the online world and the customer. Problem of outdoor advertising was the blur in performance tracking. Exact tracking of digital content in public spaces was always a problem. Unlike in online advertising, where clicks and conversions are easy to measure.

Touchscreens made tracking easier. Touches on specific content can be easily measured and can assess the exact performance of advertising campaigns and the return on investment. Beside touchscreens other new technologies are coming into play: proximity sensors, RFID chips and cameras with face recognition. In 2013 Tesco announced a plan to tailor adverts via facial recognition. Their plan was disrupted with strong privacy fears. In 2020 face recognition is the new normality. Technology and people’s perception changed. Modern cameras with smart algorithms can measure exactly whether a person is within range, whether that person is looking at the target medium, and is able to detect parameters like age, sex and mood. This technology can continue the transformation of outdoor digital signs from a passive medium to a personalized experience, this started few years back with introduction of touch screens. Wrapping the forecasts up We’re witnessing the rise of new technologies, which are enabling creative usage of digital signs. While outdoor digital signs are becoming the norm, their function is transforming from “just” getting attention to a personalized, user friendly experience. If you’re looking to integrate outdoor digital signage into your business, then it’s important to keep track of the latest developments. Digital signage industry is, as every frontier tech, complex. It’s easy to get confused in increased solutions available on the market and constant development. If you want to clarify your thoughts, or just get basic info about outdoor digital signs, we are happy to help!

Why high brightness lcd digital signage is the future of advertising

We’re living in a digital era, and a vast amount of brand advertisement now happens online. Yet those still practicing offline advertising have seen digital media in public venues reach more customers than videos on the Internet.
Over half of people who view lcd digital signage are able to recall the message in the advertisement, indicating extended engagement and interaction. With digital signage able to capture 400% more attention than traditional alternatives and achieve valuable engagement that produces sales, it looks to be set to continue as a popular advertising method.

With a demand for quality digital signage, high brightness signage- also known as digital posters, and advertising displays – has proven particularly popular. In this blog post, share their industry expertise to explain why digital signage looks to be the future of digital signage advertising.
It offer a ‘fully managed solution’ for independent traders. We consult on requirements and put forward a complete solution on an affordable monthly rental basis from the equivalent of as little as £3 a day.

We offer everything from supply to installation, and our in-house design team create bespoke attention grabbing, dynamic content which is uploaded and managed remotely via the cloud. Regular changes can also be made remotely, allowing you to keep your offers and seasonal promotions up to date.

Attracting attention
For any advertisement to make an impact, it needs to target the right audience and get them to engage long enough to understand what it is you offer that they need.But with online and offline marketing bombarding your target audience everywhere from their email inbox to their walk to work, getting noticed is easier said than done.

For an advertisement to be successful it must:

Communicate a message
Be professional
Target the right audience
Get noticed and grab attention
Allow engagement
Android digital signage

So how does lcd display digital signage score? As one of the leading providers of high quality digital signage options, lcd display is a sure way to advertise your content in a premium, professional way that instantly attracts attention and impresses your audience.

With a range of lcd display digital signage options available, including touch screen features, these display options offer your brand a platform which can be used to interact with customers 24/7.

As a name at the top of its game, lcd display as a brand is constantly developing to better its previous products. As a leader in the digital signage field, if it continues to develop and improve, they’re sure to be the future for all things digital signage, from menu boards to posters.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to stand out from competitors, lcd signage could be for you.
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Digital signage solution for essential businesses during the coronavirus outbreak

Our team will offer a bundled digital signage solution for essential businesses during the coronavirus outbreak. The solution will feature a 49, 55 or 65-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor High Brightness LCD Display, SmartMount Flat Panel Cart and custom content as needed, according to a press release.

The flat cart features a pre-assembled base for easy deployment and the outdoor display enables 4K content along with an IPS panel, according to the release.

Our company is continuing to operate as an ‘essential business’ in order to assist those impacted by COVID-19,as always, our team works diligently to provide innovative solutions, especially during a time like this. We hope that our bundled solution can help employees of these pop-up medical locations, as well as all others that are affected.

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Fengshi LCD intros 86-inch IP56 full outdoor LCD display

Fengshi LCD has introduced its 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV. This display operates at temperatures ranging from -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a press release.

It comes with an outdoor flat wall mount for secure installation. It also features an IR extender input and repeater output as well as a High TNI panel for direct sunlight readability. Other features include:

IP56 construction to protect internal electronics.
Waterproof universal remote, supports HDMI, high brightness, IPS panel for accurate color representation when viewing off axis.
As the weather gets warmer, fengshi lcd are excited to offer an even greater design option to our award winning UltraView UHD Outdoor TV solutions, whether it’s an outdoor sports bar, throughout a stadium concourse, or in your backyard, the UltraView line is an ideal solution that provides customers with safe, enhanced options that are bright enough to be viewed in direct sunlight and intelligent enough to automatically adjust brightness for low light viewing.

With the major panel manufacturers’ efforts to promote the commercialization of large-size panels, Fengshi Technology has responded actively. Combining many years experience in the development of high-brightness LCD backlight modules, a new generation of large-size high-brightness LCD modules was launched. The first large-size high brightness LCD screen, 86-inch outdoor highlight LCD screen.

The 86-inch high-bright LCD screen adopts Fengshi Technology to independently develop aluminum structure, which is easy to guide and disperse. It can be a large-size LCD screen to achieve high brightness and fully meet outdoor applications. With the newly developed new generation of energy-saving backlight, it is more energy efficient. DLED backlight, the brightness is more uniform.

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of outdoor high-brightness LCD module and professional large-size high-brightness LCD manufacturer. For many years, our team has been actively promoting the development of the outdoor commercial display industry. Starting from 32-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 43-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 49-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen to 4K, 65-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 75-inch High-brightness LCD screen, 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, today launched 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, next step, we will launch more series of high-brightness LCD screen.
Fengshi Technology specializes in producing large-size outdoor high brightness LCD panel.

Speed, quality and health: smoothie truck combines robotics with high brightness lcd screen

What do you get when you combine three of the top trends in today’s commercial foodservice industry — online ordering, health focused menus and food trucks?

Head to Los Angeles and you can order an all-natural smoothie from a fully automated mixer without having to speak to anyone. a smoothie kitchen on wheels operated, offers tasty cold treats prepared and served automatically with state-of-the-art robotics. The self-service “smoothies on wheels” has been serving time-pressed, health conscious since November.

Customers simply approach one of the two ordering high brightness lcd screen kiosks on the side of the truck, browse the menu, order their selection on the touchscreen and watch as robotic systems create their blends from scratch. Within 60 seconds, blends are dispensed at the pick-up area.


Customers can even place their order on their smartphone in advance. Once they are within a 300-foot radius of the truck, the robotic systems can create their order to ensure the blend is freshly prepared by the time they arrive.

Ultra high brightness display will make the content look better and make your customers stop and look. Ultra high bright monitors make a huge difference to how your content is viewed whether it is indoor or out.

A fully automated process
“The automation begins when the order is initiated,” “Humans fill up the hoppers with ingredients at the beginning of the day (strawberries, organic coconut water, chia seeds, etc.), but every aspect of the smoothie assembly is automated from dispensing ingredients to blending.”

Hundreds of sensors high brightness lcd monitor the assembly process to ensure there is no spillage, cross-contamination or inconsistencies. This enables to serve customers with dietary restrictions, allergies or specific product preferences. The kitchen is NSF 169 certified, the equivalent to best in class sanitation.

While the self-order high brightness lcd screen kiosks do not suggest additions to customer orders, the menu presents a large variety of options that allow multiple ingredient combinations.

The lcd monitor kiosks communicate directly to the blenders; there is no kitchen display screen since there are no humans involved in preparing the orders. Orders are normally prepared in 20 to 30 seconds, and delivered in under a minute. Once the order is completed and dispensed in the cup, a robotic arm beneath the dispenser extends the cup to the customer.

Outdoor Digital Signage,full outdoor displays,open frame displays,indoor digital signage,indoor lcd displays,window facing displays,lcd screeens,lcd monitors,digital menu boards are widely used in our life.

“The customer can then choose if they’d like to apply one of our compostable lids or compostable straw,”

Customers can pay at the kiosks with credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay. They can also pay the attendants, known as “guides,” with cash.

While the production process is fully automated, guides are on hand to help customers if needed. There are usually one or two guides working on the truck at a time.

Environmentally sustainable
The robotic kitchen runs on batteries instead of a diesel generator. Where smoothie restaurants typically use gallons of water to clean each blender, automated self-cleaning blender and robotic systems use 28 times less water because it only needs to clean the blade and because it’s blended in the customer’s compostable cup. From cups to straws, all of Ono’s consumables are compostable.
Everything is vertically integrated — from the software that powers the ordering kiosks to the automation that powers the food production to food we produce with our culinary team, most companies outsource, but we believe being vertically integrated is the best way to build a company that customers love, and this has been backed up with customer reviews.”

Outdoor Digital Signage,full outdoor displays,open frame displays,indoor digital signage,indoor lcd displays,window facing displays,lcd screeens,lcd monitors,digital menu boards are widely used in our life.

“Combining our backgrounds in tech, automation and culinary fine dining, we knew we could fill this void to give more people access to healthy, high-quality food, fast food options usually fall into two buckets: fast, healthy and unaffordable — or fast, unhealthy and affordable — and nothing in between.”



Fengshi LCD launched industrial-grade high-brightness LCD panel

Recently, with the increase in the application of outdoor advertising machines, especially 55-inch high-brightness LCD panel are in great demand. Samsung, LG, AUO, BOE, CSOT has related LCD panels. However, there are not many commercial applications. For this reason, Fengshi Technology combined with its own new generation of high-brightness backlight, equipped with commercial LCD panels, so that the 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen is truly industrial-grade and fully meets commercial needs.

The commercial grade panel is mainly for long continuous working time, which can meet 7*24 hours of work, and can support vertical and horizontal placement. Able to work stably for a long time. The 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen introduced by Fengshi LCD adopts AUO’s commercial LCD panel, combined with a new generation of high-brightness LCD module, direct-lit LED backlight, more uniform brightness and better thermal conductivity. The display brightness is 500nits and 5000nits. Under direct sunlight, the display color is gorgeous. 7*24 hours can work stably. Now stocking a lot. 55-inch high-bright LCD screen can be stably supplied for a long time.

As we all know, a large number of TV panels have been applied to digital signage in the market recently, and LCD screens have become unstable. When the display is placed vertically, smear will appear, and the lower part of the LCD screen will yellow due to gravity, which seriously affects the display effect.The emergence of industrial-grade high-brightness LCD screen completely solves the normal work of 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen in the harsh outdoor environment.Fengshi is a professional manufacturer of high-brightness LCD backlight modules.

Our technical team has participated in the R&D and production of the earliest high-brightness LCD backlight module in China, and has many years of experience in the development and production of high-brightness LCD screens. Developed 10.1—98-inch 500nits-5000nits high-brightness LCD screens with various brightness, splicing screens, and strip screens. All applied to the commercial display field.

Our team has many years of experience in the outdoor LCD advertising machine industry, and participated in the research and development and marketing of the earliest outdoor LCD advertising machine in China. Outdoor LCD advertising machines have been used in transportation industries, scenic spots, commercial squares, municipal facilities, smart city construction and other industries around the world. It can provide comprehensive technical support and services for outdoor applications of high-brightness LCD screens.

China may become the world’s largest LCD panel manufacturing base

China may become the world’s largest LCD panel manufacturing base. Data shows that in the third quarter of this year, our country’s well-known display panel manufacturer BOE surpassed LG Display to become the world’s largest large-size panel manufacturer. At the same time, technological integration and breakthroughs in my country’s display industry are accelerating, and China’s display manufacturing is attracting more and more attention on the global stage.

Recently, market research agency IHS Markit released data showing that the third quarter. South Korea’s well-known panel manufacturer LG Display’s share of the global large-size panel market fell to 19.3%, and BOE’s market share reached 21.7%, which means that BOE surpassed LG to become the world’s largest large-size panel manufacturer.

This is another breakthrough made by BOE this year, and before that, BOE has successfully attracted global attention in the manufacture of small-size panels.A few days ago, BOE announced the mass production of the 6th generation flexible small-size OLED screen production line in Chengdu. It is China’s first 6th generation flexible small-size OLED screen production line, and the world’s second mass-production 6th generation flexible small-size OLED screen production line. The production line uses the world’s most advanced evaporation process, and uses flexible packaging technology to achieve display screen bending and folding. This year is considered to be the first year of my country’s mobile high-end flexible screen to break the South Korean Samsung’s exclusive monopoly and begin to become self-sufficient.

In addition to BOE, CSOT, another panel manufacturing company in my country, has also made many breakthroughs this year. Recently, TCL Group revealed that its subsidiary CSOT has increased its production capacity and continues to maintain full production and full sales. The order in the fourth quarter is in good condition. The production research and development of Wuhan Huaxing’s full-screen products is in progress, and mass production is expected in the fourth quarter.

It is reported that at present, CSOT already has one 11 generation line in Shenzhen, mainly producing TV panels; two 6th generation lines in Wuhan, mainly producing small-size panels such as mobile phones.

The transcripts handed over by BOE and CSOT are just a microcosm of the sudden rise of Chinese panel manufacturing in recent years. Previously, South Korean companies Samsung Display and LG Display occupies an absolute leading position in the global size of panel manufacturing, but now, the situation is changing. Chinese panel manufacturing companies represented by BOE, CSOT, and Tianma Technology are gradually strengthening their own strengths, and they are competing with Korean companies to compete for the “one brother” throne in the world panel manufacturing field.It shows that the industry is under construction and planned investment reaches 800 billion yuan.

At the same time that BOE became the world’s largest large-size panel manufacturer, Juhua Printing Display Public Platform was inaugurated on the 28th in Guangzhou. This is the first public open R&D platform for my country’s display industry.

The reporter learned that this public platform brings together leading display companies such as CSOT, Tianma Technology, CLP Panda, and many other scientific research institutes such as South China University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Fuzhou University, Fujian Institute of Structures, etc. Industrial companies provide technical solutions, including OLED, QLED and other display technologies will become the platform’s key research direction in the future.

Industry insiders pointed out that throughout the global display industry, China has been actively exploring. In the “13th Five-Year National Key R&D Program Key Project” and “Made in China 2025” key technology routes, it shows that the development of the industry has been placed in an important position. The new display is the cornerstone of the electronic information industry and has broad development prospects. It is an industrial technological revolution in the entire display industry chain from display materials, devices, equipment to manufacturing technology. The public technology platform will provide support for the benign development of the entire industry and also play an important role in the benign interaction of leading enterprises.

According to the latest data from the China Electronics Video Association and the China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association Liquid Crystal Branch, the investment in flat panel display production lines under construction and announced in my country has reached 800 billion yuan. Among them, the LCD panel investment exceeded 500 billion yuan. It is estimated that around 2019, my country will become the world’s largest flat panel display production base.

The information society shows everywhere. TVs, computers, smart phones, wearable devices, etc., are inseparable from the support of the display screen. According to statistics, in 2016 my country’s display industry operating income exceeded 200 billion yuan. In the first half of this year, my country’s display panel shipment area was about 57 million square meters, accounting for about 1/3 of global shipments, second only to South Korea in the world.

In fact, in addition to the breakthrough in the production line, this year, driven by the good news, my country’s panel companies have also handed out good transcripts in the A-share market. In the first three quarters of this year, BOE’s total revenue was 69.408 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 51.41%; the net profit was 6.48 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 450.45%; basic earnings per share was 0.185 yuan, an increase 4525%; and CSOT revenue and profits have also maintained strong growth, strongly driving TCL Group to “reverse the market” in the color TV field.

Regarding the development trend of China’s display industry, well-known home appliance industry analyst Liu Buchen told reporters that in recent years, Chinese panel manufacturing companies have developed rapidly. At present, in display technology, ordinary liquid crystal displays have no technical problems. Next, OLED, QLED and other futures The development of display technology will become the focus.

It is understood that OLED display technology has the momentum to become the mainstream display technology in the future, and it has the characteristics of self-illumination and flexible folding. At present, in the global scope, Samsung Display and LG Display are in a leading position in small-size OLED display technology and large-size OLED display technology, respectively. Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers use Samsung’s OLED screens, while LG Display cooperates with many domestic enterprises such as Skyworth to launch various types of OLED large-screen display products.

“The production capacity of ordinary liquid crystal displays has been relatively sufficient. Next, domestic companies will make structural adjustments in the production of display products, and Chinese manufacturing will overcome more display technical difficulties, and the future display market such as OLED will be a big one. Trend.” Liu Buchen said.

As Liu Buchen said, BOE’s products have become more and more mature in small-size OLED displays. Next, it is planned to develop flexible and foldable OLED small-size panels, while in large-size OLED displays, including BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics and other enterprises intend to break through key technologies through the form of cooperative research and development between Chinese and foreign companies to compete in the future display market.

Fengshi technology introduced professional inspection equipment

With the increasing demand for high-brightness LCD screens in the commercial display market, it is mainly used in the outdoor display industry to test the temperature resistance, transportation vibration, electrical interference and other properties of high-brightness LCD modules. Fengshi Technology introduced high temperature In the experiment box, high and low temperature impact tests and temperature resistance performance tests are performed on the liquid crystal panel of the high-bright LCD screen, the LED backlight module, and the constant current board. Result feedback: Fengshi Technology’s new generation of high-brightness LCD module can reach a maximum operating temperature of 87.5 degrees, far higher than the industry level.

In addition, we have a vibration test stand, which can test the structural stability of the high-bright LCD screen, and we can also simulate three-level road conditions to test the transportation vibration.

We have Topcon’s BM-7 brightness and chromaticity tester, which can test the brightness and color temperature of the bright LCD screen. Fengshi Technology’s high-brightness LCD module has brightness and color temperature values ​​in line with industry standards.

Fengshi Technology, specializing in the production of high-bright LCD screen modules, 10.1 inches-98inches, brightness 500-5000nits.Mainly used in outdoor LCD advertising machine, window LCD advertising machine, menu sign advertising machine, electronic class board, intelligent electronic bus stop sign, new energy charging pile advertising machine, medical display screen and other industries.