How digital signage helps retailers to stay ahead in COVID-19 outbreak?

The entire world is fighting a difficult situation this year. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has left everyone stressed and anxious. People are scared to go out and if they do, they need to be absolutely careful. Every business is facing crises. Exploring new ways to fulfil the current need and also assuring safety are the steps businesses should take to survive.

In this Pandemic, retail sector has faced a down hit but also has an opportunity to navigate new ways and turn this into growth. Cloud based tech solutions are imperative in such times to reach masses and market one’s offerings. Retail digital signage is one such mode that can be employed in several ways by the retail industry to communicate with masses and keep them informed about one’s services. Both demand and supply chains are worst affected and hence it becomes a responsibility to keep your customers well prepared for the situation.

5 Ways LCD Digital Signage Help Retailers in Corona Crisis
1) Keep your customers informed about the stock availability
If you are a retail service provider that offers perishable items or are providing items used on a daily bases, it is quite possible that you won’t be able to meet the uncertain surge in the demand of these items while people are planning to stock them. It is also possible that people might queue up and you need to communicate them about the availability of goods.

High Brightness LCD Digital signage can come to handy in this situation. Instantly update the status of items available and those not available so customers can prepare their list well in advance. If a certain item goes out of stock, it can be easily update on the Digital Signage. This creates less chaos and helps you manage the customer needs smoothly.

2) Display way finding so customers don’t crowd up

If you own a big retail shop or a mart, using signage to guide the customers on the stock at every section can be a great way to streamline the crowd and spend their time searching for items. A digital signage at the entry guiding on the sections and where they are placed can be a good way to lead the pack of customers.

The placing the digital signage can be such that customers can know where each a every section is easily and proceed to make purchases accordingly. The benefit of digital signage over paper prints is that they can be updated as an when needed when the stock sections are changed.

3) Inform customers on offers available on needed items so they can benefit from it

Every customer loves to benefit from offers and when it comes to necessity items, they tend to grab more eyeballs. Display the list of offers on the digital signage so customers can benefit from it. This also induces them to turn your loyal customer and visit your retail shop every time they are looking to make any purchase.

As a retail owner, one can also create offers to clear the perishable stocked up items and display them. Since the offer is store specific, it grabs more eyeballs and more people are induced to make purchases. By displaying offers in a way that they communicate the message effectively, good benefits on both the customer side and the retailer’s side can be established.

4) Display newly added items essential during the Pandemic to grab more footfalls
As a retail outlet, one can always choose to add more items to their stock to sell. This offers an opportunity to add the needed items during the pandemic like masks, sanitizers, soaps or any other item to be used on a daily basis to your outlet.

Tough times always require innovative and flexible ways to adapt to the situation and your retail outlet can well serve for the same. Putting a digital signage with the images of the needed items will get your more sales and also provide your customers with the items they have been looking for elsewhere.

5) Showcase engaging content to keep your customers calm
It goes without saying that the current situation can cause anxiety. We would often dive into thoughts that are negative, frustrating and not necessary. By high brightness lcd screen displaying content that is inspiring, entertaining and informative can help keep the nerves steady.

There are several communities in our society that are making efforts to help each other – as a retailer you can showcase the same so if people are wanting to volunteer, they can do so. High Brightness Digital signage is in a way a mode of communication that will grab eyeballs and it depends on you as a retailer how to benefit from it.

Open frame LCD display for sunlight readable kiosks, digital signage & ATMs

We Fengshi LCD is an ISO9001 certificated high-techenterprise specializing in OEM/ODM sunlight readable LCD products since 2009. Our team of professional engineers designs the state-of-the-art backlit modules with the open cells from LG, Samsung, AUO,BOE and other major brands. With 10,000-Class Cleanroom, Professional Optical Transmittance Tester, Color Brightness Meter Topcon BM-7, Electrical Safety Integration Tester, and Vibration Test Bench, our products are built with highest quality and reliability.All of our products are CE certified.

If you are looking to create prototypes or start mass production on a very specific project, we are happy to help you to achieve your visions and goals. We pride ourselves to be the best in the business.

Providing cost-effective products and customer-oriented services for more than a decade, Fengshi LCD has become a trusted partner of a number of world-class companies. Our products have been exported to over eighty (80) countries worldwide.

Fengshi lcd, an ISO9001 certified supplier and manufacturer, has released a complete line of open-frame LCD display monitors featuring high brightness, transflective, high luminance TFT-LCD display solutions, designed for ticketing kiosks, retail kiosks, digital signage, ATMs, vending machines and outdoor sunlight readability applications.

Fengshi said its standardized pre-engineered designs streamline the production and field-testing process, reducing time and costs associated with project development. The daylight readable flat panel displays not only withstand extreme temperature (hot and cold), but also are readable in difficult optical conditions such as direct and indirect sunlight.

Fengshi high brightness open frame LCD display monitors natively produce luminance up to 1500 nits, for superior performance in outdoor and direct sunlight applications. These open-frame LCD displays are available in a range of standard sizes from 15 inches to 86 inches, according to the announcement.

AIS transflective technology utilizes ambient light as a power source; the active luminance requirement of the backlight is reduced and only required for dark and dim applications, in turn reducing power consumption and heat emissions, which increases efficiency and results in longer product life.

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Intelligent bus station LCD digital signage used in songyang

I believe this is the “waiting for bus” anxiety that many citizens who travel by bus have experienced, especially in the cold winter, and every minute of waiting is torment. Now, people in Songyang can reduce this anxiety. The first batch of 5 intelligent bus electronic stop signs in Songyang County has been completed!

Come and see where are they?

Location: Songyang County People’s Hospital Station, Tianyuan Square Station, Ming and Qing Ancient Street (Nancaichang) Station, Municipal Square Station, Xipingshan Park Station.

In order to provide citizens with an intelligent and convenient bus station, the first batch of smart bus electronic stop LCD display digital signage signs in Songyang County were built and put into use.

As one of the ten livelihoods in Songyang, the intelligent bus station electronic stop high brightness lcd display signage system is an important part of our county’s smart city and smart transportation. After applying new lcd digital signage high brightness sunlight readable lcd  display technology to the old bus station, you can query real-time bus and public exchange at the bus station information. The intelligent bus station stop outdoor lcd digital signage is not only an effective carrier for transmitting bus service information and publishing public welfare propaganda, but also fulfilling the citizens’ need for intelligent travel, which has a particularly important role in promoting the city’s taste and beautifying the city’s image.

The intelligent bus station stop lcd digital signage has a 55-inch outdoor lcd screen, which can visually display the arrival information of bus passing through the line in real time.

At the People’s Hospital Bus Station, the smart bus electronic stop digital signage standing quietly on the side of the bus station kiosk attracted the attention of the waiting crowd. The citizens who just arrived at the station could not help but sigh “a beautiful stop sign”, “it will be convenient to wait for the bus after having this”

The intelligent bus electronic bus stop sign incorporates many convenient functions such as real-time vehicle arrival broadcast, line query, weather forecast, public service advertisement, and information release. It can also play a good lightening and beautifying effect at night, and play the social function of beautifying the city and promoting the city.

In the interactive interface, passengers can interact with each other through the metal button system of the electronic stop sign, query the surrounding tourist information, transfer routes, etc., to meet the real-time query needs of passengers in public travel, bus information.

Citizens can inquire the travel information of public transportation, that is, the information of the current routes and stations of all routes in our county.



How high brightness LCD display help define the ‘new normal’ against COVID-19












We might be living in the biggest economic downswing since the Great Depression, but you wouldn’t know it from all of the activity taking place at self-service equipment manufacturers. The COVID-19 outbreak has unleashed a demand for safety products to allow people to protect themselves from the highly contagious disease, and self-service has a big role to play in making these products available.

As businesses slowly reopen, they are requiring employees and customers to wear safety masks and wash their hands repeatedly, in addition to following social distancing rules. Many also require visitors to have their temperatures taken before entering the premises.

There is no question self-service equipment will play a big role in what many now refer to as the “new normal.”

Self-service equipment manufacturers have introduced machines that dispense packaged safety equipment, sunlight readable lcd panel, and liquid sanitizers. Some have introduced touchless transaction technologies, while others are offering devices with sensors that can take temperatures and flag visitors that need additional high brightness lcd screening.

It has been addressing kiosk sanitation since it began focusing on the needs of health care clients in 2005. In the process of becoming a health care kiosk specialist, some company have developed a sanitation solution that uses UV-C technology, a germicidal light that deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease without the use of chemicals.

The solution disinfects the outdoor lcd screen and the peripherals in 30 seconds or less following every patient’s use of the digital signage kiosk. When the patient steps away from the kiosk, it automatically disinfects itself.

Sensors on the kiosk detect when it is in use and when the person has walked away, prompting it to begin a 30-second disinfection cycle. If a person wants to use the kiosk during the cycle, it senses the human presence and suspends the disinfection process, resuming the process when the person walks away.

The UV-C embedding process is an optional upgrade for customers. The kits include ballasts for light bulbs and/or LED backlights depending on the particular kiosk, in addition to the software that runs the system.