Fengshi all-weather full outdoor lcd display

All-weather full outdoor lcd displays are developed to deliver and keep optimal environment for integrated electronics in any outdoor location directly exposed to sun, rain, and snow. Fengshi displays excel in heat management, and are immune to humidity and dust particle intrusion, result in optimal performance of the LCD panels, and have long life expectancy.
Highest reliability and operation with accented aesthetics feel is what drives Fengshi product development. We do not want our customers restless when weather gets bad, when contents need higher processing power and there isn’t.

●High brightness, visible in direct sunlight
●Extreme system stability and reliability in all Outdoor conditions, even in most extreme environments
● Optimal performance of the LCD panel Lower risk of critical LCD panel failures Simplicity and lower frequency of maintenance activities
● Extended Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
● Wide operating temperature from -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
● Lowest fluctuation in internal display temperature
● Highest operating humidity level
● Vandalism protection
● Different configurations optional like monitor, media player, Android built-in
● Wall mounted, floor-standing for landscape or portrait mode
● 43”, 49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 86” optional

Finding the correct product for your application can be outright challenging. Fengshi has multiple combinations of vital product solutions that will fit your project’s architecture. Beginning from mechanical design, add-on options, to post-sales support; Fengshi can take your project from start to finish in record time with substantial cost savings. With a full-range product line available, there are multitudes of pre-designed and configured solutions that reduce development time, engineering, project costs and overhead, and increase your time to market. We can also do customization for your special project or application.
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Fengshi LCD intros 86-inch IP56 full outdoor LCD display

Fengshi LCD has introduced its 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV. This display operates at temperatures ranging from -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a press release.

It comes with an outdoor flat wall mount for secure installation. It also features an IR extender input and repeater output as well as a High TNI panel for direct sunlight readability. Other features include:

IP56 construction to protect internal electronics.
Waterproof universal remote, supports HDMI, high brightness, IPS panel for accurate color representation when viewing off axis.
As the weather gets warmer, fengshi lcd are excited to offer an even greater design option to our award winning UltraView UHD Outdoor TV solutions, whether it’s an outdoor sports bar, throughout a stadium concourse, or in your backyard, the UltraView line is an ideal solution that provides customers with safe, enhanced options that are bright enough to be viewed in direct sunlight and intelligent enough to automatically adjust brightness for low light viewing.

With the major panel manufacturers’ efforts to promote the commercialization of large-size panels, Fengshi Technology has responded actively. Combining many years experience in the development of high-brightness LCD backlight modules, a new generation of large-size high-brightness LCD modules was launched. The first large-size high brightness LCD screen, 86-inch outdoor highlight LCD screen.

The 86-inch high-bright LCD screen adopts Fengshi Technology to independently develop aluminum structure, which is easy to guide and disperse. It can be a large-size LCD screen to achieve high brightness and fully meet outdoor applications. With the newly developed new generation of energy-saving backlight, it is more energy efficient. DLED backlight, the brightness is more uniform.

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of outdoor high-brightness LCD module and professional large-size high-brightness LCD manufacturer. For many years, our team has been actively promoting the development of the outdoor commercial display industry. Starting from 32-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 43-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 49-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen to 4K, 65-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 75-inch High-brightness LCD screen, 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, today launched 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, next step, we will launch more series of high-brightness LCD screen.
Fengshi Technology specializes in producing large-size outdoor high brightness LCD panel.