What are the characteristics of high brightness industrial grade full outdoor lcd display

With the increasing development of the commercial and advertising environment, outdoor advertising has become a part of urban construction planning. The nature of outdoor advertising display for audience groups has changed greatly, and their use occasions have also changed greatly, such as: shelter advertising, subway stations advertising, car advertising, elevator advertising, Lcd display, bus station advertising, wall advertising, window facing display,commercial advertising etc., the continuous appearance of networked, informatized, digitalized, and mediaized outdoor multimedia advertising machines has also become a highlight of the advertising media market This is also the trend of the advertising media industry with social development. So what are the characteristics of outdoor advertising machines today?

1. The uniqueness of advertising display: its high-definition display, visible in the sun, and wide coverage of advertising effects are the most fashionable and innovative advertising tools at present.

2. The continuity of advertisement display:it can be continued for a long time, and different advertisement content is played for different groups of people around the clock 365 days a year.

3. Broader audience: The outdoor crowd is highly mobile, and it is aimed at some audiences who are about to purchase. The effect of advertising penetration is strong.

4. Safety of machine use: outdoor advertising machine has waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, anti-thunder, anti-riot, anti-reflection, anti-electromagnetic interference to ensure that the machine is intact.
5. Simplified advertising release: This machine is equipped with information release background software, which is used to broadcast non-advertising programs for different machines or machines in different regions, without the need for personnel to publish on the spot, improve work efficiency, save time and labor costs.
6. Convenient information content: Provide real-time bank exchange rate, weather and other information content that is easy for the public to understand.
The above are just some of the most basic characteristics of outdoor advertising machines. With the increasing expansion and saturation of building advertising machines and indoor advertising machines, more and more major advertising media companies are in order to avoid ” The pain of “divided monopoly”, striving for a place in the advertising industry, continuously meeting the advertising needs of various advertisers and increasing the audience rate, and taking the road of “media outdoorization”.