Why your business should invest in digital signage

Digital Display Solutions – You’ve probably seen them everywhere. If you’ve ever visited an office building, a retail store or even a doctor’s office, high brightness lcd digital signs are everywhere – and they’re captivating audiences in new, exciting ways that are able to display an array of information, offers and imagery. They’re a useful tool for a variety of businesses in different sectors including retail, hospitality or reception.

Fengshi provide custom digital display solutions, designed specifically for these industries to deliver a more engaging experience for your customers. Whether you’re interested in digitally updating your restaurant’s menu, wanting to display promotional offers in your retail store, or wanting to share news and information with your customers waiting in reception, we have solutions to suit your needs. But what are the benefits of digital signage? In this post, we cover some of the ways they can improve your marketing efforts.

Low cost creative
Compared to traditional print signage, advertising for digital signage is far less expensive to develop and roll out. By removing the cost of printing and installation, you can use the money you’ve saved to create multiple advertisement options. Consider testing different advertising styles or creating different versions of an advertisement in preparation for a certain outcome. For example, the result of a sporting event or a weather specific product.

Similar branding across all platforms
Brand recognition is one of the key components of any marketing campaign. If your customers begin to recognise your business by sight, they’re far more likely to trust the products or services you offer. That’s why making sure all your branding follows a similar style is so important. By taking advantage of advertising digital signage, you can match your advertisements with those that you create for social media, ensuring a consistent brand that your customers will come to know.

Relevant, timely ads
If you’re in retail, digital signage allows you to run ads for wet-weather clothing on rainy days, or sunglasses or sunny days at the drop of a hat. When it comes to hospitality, you can change your advertisements as the day goes by, from breakfast to lunch to dinner to happy hour. Whatever your industry, there are relevant and timely ads you’re able to take advantage of thanks to digital signage.

Video opportunities
Video is easily the best converting medium in digital marketing today. Even muted videos are far more engaging than stills and better at capturing – and holding – your customers’ attention. You could run short videos with captions to tell your customers a story or inform them of different offers while they’re waiting in line or in your reception room. If video is outside of your budget, you could create simple animations with pause and zoom effects to create a more engaging viewer experience.

Keep content fresh
You wouldn’t let your content go stale on social media. If an advertisement is no longer relevant, you’d pull it down and create something new and interesting for your customers. With digital signage, you can do the same, updating as frequently as you need to keep your customers engaged. Whether it’s new videos, promotions or even re-sharing your posts from social media, keeping content fresh keeps your customers interested.

The future is digital
Every digital and interactive display solution from Fengshi includes installation, training, ongoing support and maintenance, providing you with the tools you need to stay in front of your customers – and ahead of your competitors. No matter if you’re interested in retail displays, reception screens or even video walls for a shopping mall or large office space, we can help. The future is digital, and Fengshi are here to make sure your business rises to the challenge.

Be bold, be digital and make a statement! Contact us today about all our digital signage solutions.

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Fengshi LCD, china’s cheapest high brightness LCD panel

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. repositioned its application for high brightness LCD panel in 2020. Some applications are in semi-outdoors, full outdoor lcd display, some are applied to display windows, machine and equipment information display, touch query, commercial display, new energy charging pile advertising screen, traffic information display, media application, medical display, military display, advertising display, outdoor display, bus station, subway and etc. will high brightness the LCD screen. To define the product according to the actual application (high brightness LCD screen size brightness, material, etc.) to achieve the best price.

Fengshi LCD recommends a suitable high-brightness LCD screen according to the customer’s application to optimize the cost. Established good cooperation with upstream panel manufacturers, Samsung, LG, AUO, Innolux, BOE, CSOT. Combined with a new backlight scheme. Provide customers with the most cost-effective high-bright LCD screen.

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of high-brightness LCD modules. Our team has participated in the design of the first generation of high-brightness backlight modules in China. Design experience. Our team has 8 years of application experience in outdoor high-brightness LCD screens.

Fengshi Technology has a 10,000-level dust-free workshop (equipped with air shower room and cargo shower room), with a professional optical transmittance tester, color brightness meter Topcon BM-7, electrical safety integration tester, vibration Experimental bench, etc.

Now the 10.1inch~98inch high-brightness LCD screen is launched with the brightness of 500~5000nits. It can also be customized according to the size and brightness of the customer’s needs. There are 4K high-definition high-brightness LCD screen, long strip-shaped high-brightness LCD screen.

Fengshi Technology independently designed a high-brightness LCD module with aluminum structure, which has good thermal conductivity, straight-edge structure, and better brightness uniformity. Combined with a new generation of high-bright energy-saving backlight module, it is the best choice for outdoor high-brightness LCD screen.

The high brightness LCD panel launched by Fengshi Technology has been widely used in outdoor LCD advertising display, electronic bus stop signs,subway digital signage, new energy charging pile advertising screens, express cabinet advertising screens, fuel dispenser advertising screens, mirror TV highlight screens, medical display highlight screens, and display windows. High brightness LCD screen, military display and other industries, products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

How high brightness LCD display help define the ‘new normal’ against COVID-19












We might be living in the biggest economic downswing since the Great Depression, but you wouldn’t know it from all of the activity taking place at self-service equipment manufacturers. The COVID-19 outbreak has unleashed a demand for safety products to allow people to protect themselves from the highly contagious disease, and self-service has a big role to play in making these products available.

As businesses slowly reopen, they are requiring employees and customers to wear safety masks and wash their hands repeatedly, in addition to following social distancing rules. Many also require visitors to have their temperatures taken before entering the premises.

There is no question self-service equipment will play a big role in what many now refer to as the “new normal.”

Self-service equipment manufacturers have introduced machines that dispense packaged safety equipment, sunlight readable lcd panel, and liquid sanitizers. Some have introduced touchless transaction technologies, while others are offering devices with sensors that can take temperatures and flag visitors that need additional high brightness lcd screening.

It has been addressing kiosk sanitation since it began focusing on the needs of health care clients in 2005. In the process of becoming a health care kiosk specialist, some company have developed a sanitation solution that uses UV-C technology, a germicidal light that deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease without the use of chemicals.

The solution disinfects the outdoor lcd screen and the peripherals in 30 seconds or less following every patient’s use of the digital signage kiosk. When the patient steps away from the kiosk, it automatically disinfects itself.

Sensors on the kiosk detect when it is in use and when the person has walked away, prompting it to begin a 30-second disinfection cycle. If a person wants to use the kiosk during the cycle, it senses the human presence and suspends the disinfection process, resuming the process when the person walks away.

The UV-C embedding process is an optional upgrade for customers. The kits include ballasts for light bulbs and/or LED backlights depending on the particular kiosk, in addition to the software that runs the system.