The evolution of digital signage window displays

A window display is a great canvas for Digital Signage. With a big window looking out to those passing by your shop or restaurant, you have a direct line to potential customers. However, until relatively recently the Digital Signage industry was not taking full advantage of this space. One look at our website and you can see our range of ‘High Brightness’ products is growing at a rapid pace. In this blog I’m going to look at the evolution of Digital Signage Window Displays.

Before we manufactured High Brightness solutions, conventional brightness Digital Signage screens like our Android Advertising Displays or Android Freestanding Digital Posters would have been used in windows. As great as these screens are, this is not really what they are designed for. When placing a screen into a window a whole host of challenges arise that a screen needs to be equipped for. The key issues were the brightness level of the screen competing with the sun, as well as the temperature regulation of the display itself. There was also the fact that these displays featured a tempered glass front meaning when they were installed into window displays there were two layers of glass, creating addition reflections. It was clear to us that a purpose built solution was needed for this market.

As the screens were for use in window displays they needed to be able to cope with the increased temperatures from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The screen needed a temperature control system to regulate the heat of the screen to keep the LCD panel running at the optimum temperature. Compared to other solutions on the market the High Brightness Monitors were a cost effective solution that we saw was missing from the marketplace. Customers loved having our award winning all-in-one Digital Signage software solution bundled with the new High Brightness hardware.

Not every window display is the same so just having one solution for all doesn’t make sense right? When mounted into a south facing window display the brightness of the High Brightness Professional Monitor was not sufficient to counteract the reflections and distortions the direct sunlight can bring. The ‘Ultra High Brightness Monitor‘ launched is the premium solution for this problem. With a brightness of 2,500cd/m2 the display is ten times brighter than that of a domestic television. A side-effect of an LCD panel being exposed to direct sunlight is that temporary blackening defect can occur on the panel when it overheats.

The Ultra High Brightness Monitor uses a special panel that can withstand surface temperatures up to 100°C with no blackening defects occurring. A freestanding version of this product was launched to create a true all-in-one Digital Signage window display.
The latest evolution came with the recent launch of the Hanging Double-Sided Window Displays. We saw from the market that some customers wanted to have screens facing their windows and inside at the same time. Solutions on the market would have been costly, involving buying two screens and mounting them together and often looking bulky. That is what makes the Hanging Double-Sided Window Displays even more extraordinary is that they are slimmer than even the single sided High Brightness Displays. The compromise for this is that the outer facing side has a brightness of 2500cd/m2 while the inside is 700cd/m2.

There are multiple challenges that you face when placing a Digital Signage screen inside a window display. From the brightness of the screen to how to the display regulates its temperature to how the screen is mounted; so a wide range of solutions is needed. That is why the breadth of solutions has evolved so quickly and will continue to do so. As I said before not every window display is the same so by having a range of considered solutions means we can meet the developing requirements the market needs.

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Digital signage market 2020 global insights

The Global Digital Signage Market Research Report 2020-2025 is a valuable source of insightful data for business strategists. It provides the industry overview with growth analysis and historical & futuristic cost, revenue, demand and supply data (as applicable). The research analysts provide an elaborate description of the value chain and its distributor analysis. This Market study provides comprehensive data which enhances the understanding, scope and application of this report.
Digital signage happens to be a sub-segment of signage. Technologies like LCD is used in digital signage to display digital content such as images, video, streaming media, and information. Digital billboards are used at public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, etc, for wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising.
Depending on the size of the installation, different displays are preferred. The small- and medium-sized networks mostly prefer high brightness LCD. Users who are looking for large displays choose large screens due to the better video clarity they offer. LCDs fare better, in terms of power consumption and ongoing maintenance costs, especially with respect to large displays.
Another significant trend is the push toward direct-view LCD displays to create a more immersive and awe-inspiring experience. Direct view high brightness LCD panels are highly customizable and can create experiences that encircle the audience or create architecturally captivating focus points.

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LCD display widely used in hand sanitizing dispenser

Affected by the spread of Covid-19, LCD panel prices are rising amidst unfavorable LCD production conditions at Chinese panel manufacturers. We expect LCD panel prices to remain favorable for the time being. Although Korean panel manufacturers are reducing their exposure to the LCD business, they should still enjoy some benefit from the boost to LCD panel prices.

LCD panel prices to remain favorable in near term.LCD panel widely installed in hand sanitizing dispenser.
LCD digital poster has equipped with a hand sanitizing dispenser that is a perfect combining solution for advertising and hand disinfection against for COVID-19.
It can be used in all public indoor places like airports, hospitals, bars, amusement parks, restaurants, shopping malls, museums, pharmacies, etc.
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Are you looking to make your digital signage really standout?

Do your existing large format displays look tired and washed out?
An ultra high brightness display will make your content look better and make your customers stop and look. Ultra high bright monitors make a huge difference to how your content is viewed whether it is indoor or out.

Why do you need a Sunlight Readable LCD screen?
LCD monitors use a backlight to illuminate the liquid crystal display to produce an image – think of it like a moving stained glass window. If the light in front of the screen is brighter than the backlight then the image on screen will look washed out or very dull. By increasing the light behind the screen the image can punch through the ambient light producing a clear and visible picture.

It is not just about the brightness.
These screens are designed for use in direct sunlight. With sunlight comes heat. A normal LCD screen when exposed to high temperatures will fail causing dark patches to appear on screen which degrades the screen overtime. The LCD panels used in high brightness screens are designed to withstand extreme temperatures up to 110ºC without blackening.
All our displays are commercial grade and designed for continuous 24/7 operation. Whether in use as a standalone screen, part of a video wall matrix or installed in an outdoor enclosure our range of products will ensure your message is displayed clearly to your customers.

Fengshi LCD CNNLCD now we have 10.1inch~98inch LCD panel with brightness of 700nits~5000nits We offering customized service according to the size and brightness of customers’ needs. Special launch 4K HD high brightness LCD panel, ultra high brightness LCD panel.Full outdoor lcd display, window facing display, digital menu board, open frame display.Fengshi independently designed the aluminum structure of the high brightness LCD Module with good thermal conductivity, straight edge structure and better brightness uniformity. Combined with a new generation of high brightness and energy-saving backlight modules, it is the best choice to outdoor high brightness LCD panel.

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Fengshi LCD intros 86-inch IP56 full outdoor LCD display

Fengshi LCD has introduced its 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV. This display operates at temperatures ranging from -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a press release.

It comes with an outdoor flat wall mount for secure installation. It also features an IR extender input and repeater output as well as a High TNI panel for direct sunlight readability. Other features include:

IP56 construction to protect internal electronics.
Waterproof universal remote, supports HDMI, high brightness, IPS panel for accurate color representation when viewing off axis.
As the weather gets warmer, fengshi lcd are excited to offer an even greater design option to our award winning UltraView UHD Outdoor TV solutions, whether it’s an outdoor sports bar, throughout a stadium concourse, or in your backyard, the UltraView line is an ideal solution that provides customers with safe, enhanced options that are bright enough to be viewed in direct sunlight and intelligent enough to automatically adjust brightness for low light viewing.

With the major panel manufacturers’ efforts to promote the commercialization of large-size panels, Fengshi Technology has responded actively. Combining many years experience in the development of high-brightness LCD backlight modules, a new generation of large-size high-brightness LCD modules was launched. The first large-size high brightness LCD screen, 86-inch outdoor highlight LCD screen.

The 86-inch high-bright LCD screen adopts Fengshi Technology to independently develop aluminum structure, which is easy to guide and disperse. It can be a large-size LCD screen to achieve high brightness and fully meet outdoor applications. With the newly developed new generation of energy-saving backlight, it is more energy efficient. DLED backlight, the brightness is more uniform.

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of outdoor high-brightness LCD module and professional large-size high-brightness LCD manufacturer. For many years, our team has been actively promoting the development of the outdoor commercial display industry. Starting from 32-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 43-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 49-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen to 4K, 65-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 75-inch High-brightness LCD screen, 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, today launched 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, next step, we will launch more series of high-brightness LCD screen.
Fengshi Technology specializes in producing large-size outdoor high brightness LCD panel.

Many countries enable touchscreen tech

Digital signage system supplier, which provides public information and wayfinding solutions for the Japanese mass transit sector and other municipal spaces, has installed interactive touchscreens in Shinto shrines in Japan, according to a press release.

They have developed a special, touch interactive digital signage system that can be operated remotely. A large touchscreen with high resolution that can withstand long-term use in all weather was essential. This was especially important for the application, as almost all are installed outdoors. Here, a highly reliable touchscreen technology that can perform well in any environment was essential.

The system is now installed outside in the grounds of over 20 Shinto shrines providing multilingual public information, educating overseas visitors how to behave appropriately during their visit.

People used projected capacitive technology touch sensors for the user interface of its public information display.

China may become the world’s largest LCD panel manufacturing base

China may become the world’s largest LCD panel manufacturing base. Data shows that in the third quarter of this year, our country’s well-known display panel manufacturer BOE surpassed LG Display to become the world’s largest large-size panel manufacturer. At the same time, technological integration and breakthroughs in my country’s display industry are accelerating, and China’s display manufacturing is attracting more and more attention on the global stage.

Recently, market research agency IHS Markit released data showing that the third quarter. South Korea’s well-known panel manufacturer LG Display’s share of the global large-size panel market fell to 19.3%, and BOE’s market share reached 21.7%, which means that BOE surpassed LG to become the world’s largest large-size panel manufacturer.

This is another breakthrough made by BOE this year, and before that, BOE has successfully attracted global attention in the manufacture of small-size panels.A few days ago, BOE announced the mass production of the 6th generation flexible small-size OLED screen production line in Chengdu. It is China’s first 6th generation flexible small-size OLED screen production line, and the world’s second mass-production 6th generation flexible small-size OLED screen production line. The production line uses the world’s most advanced evaporation process, and uses flexible packaging technology to achieve display screen bending and folding. This year is considered to be the first year of my country’s mobile high-end flexible screen to break the South Korean Samsung’s exclusive monopoly and begin to become self-sufficient.

In addition to BOE, CSOT, another panel manufacturing company in my country, has also made many breakthroughs this year. Recently, TCL Group revealed that its subsidiary CSOT has increased its production capacity and continues to maintain full production and full sales. The order in the fourth quarter is in good condition. The production research and development of Wuhan Huaxing’s full-screen products is in progress, and mass production is expected in the fourth quarter.

It is reported that at present, CSOT already has one 11 generation line in Shenzhen, mainly producing TV panels; two 6th generation lines in Wuhan, mainly producing small-size panels such as mobile phones.

The transcripts handed over by BOE and CSOT are just a microcosm of the sudden rise of Chinese panel manufacturing in recent years. Previously, South Korean companies Samsung Display and LG Display occupies an absolute leading position in the global size of panel manufacturing, but now, the situation is changing. Chinese panel manufacturing companies represented by BOE, CSOT, and Tianma Technology are gradually strengthening their own strengths, and they are competing with Korean companies to compete for the “one brother” throne in the world panel manufacturing field.It shows that the industry is under construction and planned investment reaches 800 billion yuan.

At the same time that BOE became the world’s largest large-size panel manufacturer, Juhua Printing Display Public Platform was inaugurated on the 28th in Guangzhou. This is the first public open R&D platform for my country’s display industry.

The reporter learned that this public platform brings together leading display companies such as CSOT, Tianma Technology, CLP Panda, and many other scientific research institutes such as South China University of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Fuzhou University, Fujian Institute of Structures, etc. Industrial companies provide technical solutions, including OLED, QLED and other display technologies will become the platform’s key research direction in the future.

Industry insiders pointed out that throughout the global display industry, China has been actively exploring. In the “13th Five-Year National Key R&D Program Key Project” and “Made in China 2025” key technology routes, it shows that the development of the industry has been placed in an important position. The new display is the cornerstone of the electronic information industry and has broad development prospects. It is an industrial technological revolution in the entire display industry chain from display materials, devices, equipment to manufacturing technology. The public technology platform will provide support for the benign development of the entire industry and also play an important role in the benign interaction of leading enterprises.

According to the latest data from the China Electronics Video Association and the China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association Liquid Crystal Branch, the investment in flat panel display production lines under construction and announced in my country has reached 800 billion yuan. Among them, the LCD panel investment exceeded 500 billion yuan. It is estimated that around 2019, my country will become the world’s largest flat panel display production base.

The information society shows everywhere. TVs, computers, smart phones, wearable devices, etc., are inseparable from the support of the display screen. According to statistics, in 2016 my country’s display industry operating income exceeded 200 billion yuan. In the first half of this year, my country’s display panel shipment area was about 57 million square meters, accounting for about 1/3 of global shipments, second only to South Korea in the world.

In fact, in addition to the breakthrough in the production line, this year, driven by the good news, my country’s panel companies have also handed out good transcripts in the A-share market. In the first three quarters of this year, BOE’s total revenue was 69.408 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 51.41%; the net profit was 6.48 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 450.45%; basic earnings per share was 0.185 yuan, an increase 4525%; and CSOT revenue and profits have also maintained strong growth, strongly driving TCL Group to “reverse the market” in the color TV field.

Regarding the development trend of China’s display industry, well-known home appliance industry analyst Liu Buchen told reporters that in recent years, Chinese panel manufacturing companies have developed rapidly. At present, in display technology, ordinary liquid crystal displays have no technical problems. Next, OLED, QLED and other futures The development of display technology will become the focus.

It is understood that OLED display technology has the momentum to become the mainstream display technology in the future, and it has the characteristics of self-illumination and flexible folding. At present, in the global scope, Samsung Display and LG Display are in a leading position in small-size OLED display technology and large-size OLED display technology, respectively. Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers use Samsung’s OLED screens, while LG Display cooperates with many domestic enterprises such as Skyworth to launch various types of OLED large-screen display products.

“The production capacity of ordinary liquid crystal displays has been relatively sufficient. Next, domestic companies will make structural adjustments in the production of display products, and Chinese manufacturing will overcome more display technical difficulties, and the future display market such as OLED will be a big one. Trend.” Liu Buchen said.

As Liu Buchen said, BOE’s products have become more and more mature in small-size OLED displays. Next, it is planned to develop flexible and foldable OLED small-size panels, while in large-size OLED displays, including BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics and other enterprises intend to break through key technologies through the form of cooperative research and development between Chinese and foreign companies to compete in the future display market.