How digital signage can help you reopen safely

Municipalities and organizations around the country are beginning to relax COVID-19 restrictions, but things can get confusing pretty fast for people. Each state, county and city may have their own guidelines, and even individual organizations or different facilities can have their own set of rules. By leveraging the power of digital signage, you can make sure that everyone who goes to your location, whether it’s customers, visitors, employees or students, knows what to do and where to go. And, more importantly, how to stay safe and healthy.

Obviously, you’ll want some sort of welcome back message up on the digital signs. This is more than just a “feel good” tactic; it also serves to remind your audience that things are a little different now and that there may be changes that they need to pay attention to. Also, this is a great opportunity to thank your staff and clients for supporting you during the closure.

Some places are requiring visitors to either pre-register or register upon entering a building. If this is the case, a reminder message on entryway or reception screens will help set expectations, and you can provide instructions for how to register or contact the person you’ve come to see right on screen.

Buildings may also have a maximum capacity for the time being. Tying a data source like Excel to your digital signs will help people keep track of how many people are currently onsite. And it updates automatically on screen as numbers are entered in the spreadsheet. Elevators and other enclosed spaces may also have capacity limits. You might post physical signs at strategic locations, but the digital messages can help reinforce these rules, as well as make you iconography and imagery familiar to the audience. If there are areas that are off limits to visitors, a message with that information, and maybe a map of restricted locations, would also help head off potential problems.

It will be important to include messages about your facility’s policy on masks and social distancing (for walking, standing, queuing and even sitting). You’re almost certainly going to want to include frequent reminders to wash hands. You may also have disinfectant or bottles of hand sanitizer in various locations, and messages on the digital signs can not only remind people when they should use this (for example, before touching elevator buttons), but where those hygiene stations are in the facility.

To minimize how often people need to touch things, you might add a policy of trying to leave doors open whenever possible, or to take the stairs over the elevator if your destination is just a couple of floors away.

Some organizations are implementing one-way hallways to help people maintain proper distancing. High Brightness LCD Digital Signs can point the way with simple directional arrows. Some stairways may also become one-way during this transition period, with certain ones being “up only” while other are “down only.” Even if you have these instructions on screens, it’s still a good idea to put directional markers on floors and stairway doors.

Reminders to wipe down workstations and other areas used when finished are also a good idea. It may seem obvious, but there’s a lot of newness going on, and reminding people can only be of benefit to them and your organization. Similarly, messages telling people to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing, and to stay home if they feel any symptoms may seem like overkill, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even policies like not sharing pens, cups and other commonplace items are a good idea.

On-site locations such as café or gyms may remain closed or have new hours of operation, or they may have rules of their own. Again, use your digital signs to keep people updated so you can set accurate expectations and avoid confusion or frustration.

If you have interactive lcd displays, QR codes are a great way to retain the benefits of interactivity without asking people to touch screens. Adding a voice-use interface, where people interact with the lcd screen simply by talking to it, keeps all of your interactive option while minimizing risk to your audience. At the very least, you should have sanitizer next to the lcd screens, and reminder messages to wipe it down after use to minimize germ transmission.

You can also add a voice interface to some interactive meeting room digital signs, making them a totally hands-free option for space management. If you can’t do that, you can still put messages on your room digital signs that list things like current seating capacity, and maybe show a seating chart with spacing recommendations. Policies about how to enter and exit meeting rooms (for example, always enter/exit in a clockwise direction) can help avoid crowding around doorways. Room signs can also show if a room is waiting to be cleaned, in the process of being cleaned, or is ready to go for the next group of people.

Even if you don’t have room digital signs, you can still put room capacities, seating recommendations and other room policies on your large screens. This can help your staff to know which rooms are best for their meeting, and what to expect when they get there. And this isn’t just for meetings, you can do the same for computer labs, cafeterias, libraries, huddle/collab places, lounges and any other shared spaces.

On all of your reopening messages, try to include a QR tag or short URL that lets people access a comprehensive list of current guidelines on your intranet or website. Including links to state or county guidelines, or even CDC recommendations, can also be helpful to remind people that all of these new rules are part of a much larger picture.

And don’t forget to reinforce the positive. COVID-19 has created major change in people’s lives, and getting used to new rules can cause some people to feel anxious. So, try to counteract that with some inspirational, motivational or even funny messages. As restrictions are lifted, instead of simply discontinuing those messages, celebrate that change and let people know about the most recent step toward normalcy. Lightening the mood helps everyone deal with the current situation better, and creates community and unity.

Hopefully, people were already used to relying on your lcd digital signs for current info, so getting on-screen updates about reopening measures should seem natural to them as they come back to your office, school or shop. The key is transparency and communication, and with the right reopening messages you can ease stress, minimize disruptions, and keep everyone safe and healthy.

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Fengshi LCD, specializing in OEM/ODM sunlight readable LCD products

We Fengshi LCD is an ISO9001 certificated high-techenterprise specializing in OEM/ODM sunlight readable LCD products since 2009. Our team of professional engineers designs the state-of-the-art backlit modules with the open cells from LG, Samsung, AUO,BOE and other major brands. With 10,000-Class Cleanroom, Professional Optical Transmittance Tester, Color Brightness Meter Topcon BM-7, Electrical Safety Integration Tester, and Vibration Test Bench, our products are built with highest quality and reliability.All of our products are CE certified.

If you are looking to create prototypes or start mass production on a very specific project, we are happy to help you to achieve your visions and goals. We pride ourselves to be the best in the business.

Providing cost-effective products and customer-oriented services for more than a decade, Fengshi LCD high brightness lcd display has become a trusted partner of a number of world-class companies. Our sunlight readable lcd display have been exported to over eighty (80) countries worldwide.

Fengshi has an almost paranoid attitude towards the quality of products. Behind the high quality of products, There is a huge quality management system and professional production support from the introduction of sophisticated equipment to standardized production process, Fengshi high brightness sunlight readable lcd display has been in pursuit of the most perfect products.

Today I will show you around our newly upgraded 10,000-class cleanroom.

Workshop view: starting from the visit channel, you will see a huge transparent wall in front of the entrance, where you can clearly visit the production line of Fengshi sunlight readable LCD screen. The next is the intelligent air shower. The air shower is a necessary channel to enter the workshop, which can reduce the pollution problems brought by entering and leaving the workshop.

What is the cleanroom? What help does cleanroom have for the production of fengshi LCD panel?There are many classes in cleanroom. In the common sense, cleanroom is defined as a workshop where the particles per cubic meter are controlled within 10,000. The general cleanliness class is usually divided into 10 class,100 class,1000 class,10000 class,100000 class.Food industry if there is 10,000class cleanroom is quite good.

For the manufacture of LCD screens, the dust-free workshop can avoid the floating dust and body dust and hair falling on the products in the air, as well as the static electricity caused by touch.

Fengsi is fastidious and strict in the production process, so in the dust-free workshop, the whole production line will be closed or semi-closed.This is also a measure for Fengshi to control the quality of products. Even if it is a speck, it must not affect the quality of products to ensure the quality of products.

It is precisely because Fengshi strives for excellence in quality control and treats product quality strictly in accordance with national and industry standards, making Fengshi become a synonym for high-quality products.

Placing digital signage LCD screens in a retail window

A display in a window is an insight into your store for those that pass by every day. A successful digital signage solution showing eye-catching, dynamic content could be the trigger for that passerby to actually walk through your door for a significant uplift in sales. For this reason, there are many high street retailers with requirements for commercial-grade LCD digital signage solutions that are public- facing, ranging from a single small display through to a number of massive displays.

Unfortunately, not all ‘solution providers’ have the knowledge or experience to deliver a solution that will deliver the expected outcome for the client or is fit for purpose. A bad solution reflects (literally in some cases) on your brand and products and might as well not be there if it’s not visible, has poor content or shows errors and notifications from the operating system.

So why is digital signage in a high street window any different from that installed throughout the sales floor? The sun and other environmental factors, if not considered during the project consultation phase, can cause major headaches once installed. In no particular order, I’ll point out some of the more common problems you may have seen in the window of a high street store near you. I may use the words screen, display, unit, LCD and panel throughout this document; I use them interchangeably. This is not an exhaustive guide, but there are many things that can go wrong with your digital window installation.

It’s important that the screen you choose is able to respond to the different light levels from day to night throughout all the seasons. An image that is too bright during the hours of darkness can be difficult to view and can cause glare for drivers. The panel should be able to dynamically adjust the brightness to keep your message viewable at all times. Again, whilst many consumer displays have ambient light sensors, they don’t have the range of adjustment often required for a commercial requirement. When considering an outward-facing digital signage deployment, don’t gloss over conversation about the sun.
Commercial environments and cheap screens don’t mix well. If you’re looking at rolling out a digital signage solution for engaging with customers on the shop floor, back-of-house communications with staff or digital window displays, then use a company that can show examples of other successful installations in your sector and speak with those customers about their experience.

Fengshi LCD intros 86-inch IP56 full outdoor LCD display

Fengshi LCD has introduced its 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV. This display operates at temperatures ranging from -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a press release.

It comes with an outdoor flat wall mount for secure installation. It also features an IR extender input and repeater output as well as a High TNI panel for direct sunlight readability. Other features include:

IP56 construction to protect internal electronics.
Waterproof universal remote, supports HDMI, high brightness, IPS panel for accurate color representation when viewing off axis.
As the weather gets warmer, fengshi lcd are excited to offer an even greater design option to our award winning UltraView UHD Outdoor TV solutions, whether it’s an outdoor sports bar, throughout a stadium concourse, or in your backyard, the UltraView line is an ideal solution that provides customers with safe, enhanced options that are bright enough to be viewed in direct sunlight and intelligent enough to automatically adjust brightness for low light viewing.

With the major panel manufacturers’ efforts to promote the commercialization of large-size panels, Fengshi Technology has responded actively. Combining many years experience in the development of high-brightness LCD backlight modules, a new generation of large-size high-brightness LCD modules was launched. The first large-size high brightness LCD screen, 86-inch outdoor highlight LCD screen.

The 86-inch high-bright LCD screen adopts Fengshi Technology to independently develop aluminum structure, which is easy to guide and disperse. It can be a large-size LCD screen to achieve high brightness and fully meet outdoor applications. With the newly developed new generation of energy-saving backlight, it is more energy efficient. DLED backlight, the brightness is more uniform.

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of outdoor high-brightness LCD module and professional large-size high-brightness LCD manufacturer. For many years, our team has been actively promoting the development of the outdoor commercial display industry. Starting from 32-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 43-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 49-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen to 4K, 65-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 75-inch High-brightness LCD screen, 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, today launched 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, next step, we will launch more series of high-brightness LCD screen.
Fengshi Technology specializes in producing large-size outdoor high brightness LCD panel.

Fengshi LCD, china’s cheapest high brightness LCD panel

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. repositioned its application for high brightness LCD panel in 2020. Some applications are in semi-outdoors, full outdoor lcd display, some are applied to display windows, machine and equipment information display, touch query, commercial display, new energy charging pile advertising screen, traffic information display, media application, medical display, military display, advertising display, outdoor display, bus station, subway and etc. will high brightness the LCD screen. To define the product according to the actual application (high brightness LCD screen size brightness, material, etc.) to achieve the best price.

Fengshi LCD recommends a suitable high-brightness LCD screen according to the customer’s application to optimize the cost. Established good cooperation with upstream panel manufacturers, Samsung, LG, AUO, Innolux, BOE, CSOT. Combined with a new backlight scheme. Provide customers with the most cost-effective high-bright LCD screen.

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of high-brightness LCD modules. Our team has participated in the design of the first generation of high-brightness backlight modules in China. Design experience. Our team has 8 years of application experience in outdoor high-brightness LCD screens.

Fengshi Technology has a 10,000-level dust-free workshop (equipped with air shower room and cargo shower room), with a professional optical transmittance tester, color brightness meter Topcon BM-7, electrical safety integration tester, vibration Experimental bench, etc.

Now the 10.1inch~98inch high-brightness LCD screen is launched with the brightness of 500~5000nits. It can also be customized according to the size and brightness of the customer’s needs. There are 4K high-definition high-brightness LCD screen, long strip-shaped high-brightness LCD screen.

Fengshi Technology independently designed a high-brightness LCD module with aluminum structure, which has good thermal conductivity, straight-edge structure, and better brightness uniformity. Combined with a new generation of high-bright energy-saving backlight module, it is the best choice for outdoor high-brightness LCD screen.

The high brightness LCD panel launched by Fengshi Technology has been widely used in outdoor LCD advertising display, electronic bus stop signs,subway digital signage, new energy charging pile advertising screens, express cabinet advertising screens, fuel dispenser advertising screens, mirror TV highlight screens, medical display highlight screens, and display windows. High brightness LCD screen, military display and other industries, products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

Fengshi technology introduced professional inspection equipment

With the increasing demand for high-brightness LCD screens in the commercial display market, it is mainly used in the outdoor display industry to test the temperature resistance, transportation vibration, electrical interference and other properties of high-brightness LCD modules. Fengshi Technology introduced high temperature In the experiment box, high and low temperature impact tests and temperature resistance performance tests are performed on the liquid crystal panel of the high-bright LCD screen, the LED backlight module, and the constant current board. Result feedback: Fengshi Technology’s new generation of high-brightness LCD module can reach a maximum operating temperature of 87.5 degrees, far higher than the industry level.

In addition, we have a vibration test stand, which can test the structural stability of the high-bright LCD screen, and we can also simulate three-level road conditions to test the transportation vibration.

We have Topcon’s BM-7 brightness and chromaticity tester, which can test the brightness and color temperature of the bright LCD screen. Fengshi Technology’s high-brightness LCD module has brightness and color temperature values ​​in line with industry standards.

Fengshi Technology, specializing in the production of high-bright LCD screen modules, 10.1 inches-98inches, brightness 500-5000nits.Mainly used in outdoor LCD advertising machine, window LCD advertising machine, menu sign advertising machine, electronic class board, intelligent electronic bus stop sign, new energy charging pile advertising machine, medical display screen and other industries.

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