Where is the hidden value of outdoor digital signs?

The global digital signage market is anticipated to grow to $31.71 billion by 2025. This positive forecast was issued by Despite the fact that every year industry rapidly grows, there are still some ambiguities. To understand the purpose and the benefits of outdoor digital signs we have to understand what LCD displays actually are.

Understanding outdoor LCD signage
Outdoor digital sign is a communication platform with target audience, placed in public areas. In its basic, digital kiosk is a messaging tool. It can be upgraded with number of add-ons (such as touch screen, Wi-Fi, payment terminal, audience measurement tools etc.). With add-ons one-way communication could be upgraded to expand audience experience.

With acknowledgment of this simple explanation, we can identify two general purposes of LCD signage:

1.Generating revenues due to promotion of services and sales of advertising

2.Enhancing passersby experience with valuable information (info points, wayfinding systems…)

Where is the real value?
These two points are not exclusive. On the contrary, they complement each other. And this is the true value of LCD kiosks: The complementation of enhancing passersby experience and generating revenues.

Enhancing passersby / customers experience is important benefit. Basically, LCD kiosks can improve passersby experience with:

Share of relevant information (wayfinding, guidance, transport schedules…)

Entertainment at the spot (reducing waiting anxiety…)

Creation of ambient (With specific design of the units)

Digital kiosks are much more than just advertising screens in public places. This is important to consider before any project. Not only because it is a good selling point to get the best location, but because passersby are fed up with advertisement and the concept of “display blindness” is real!

ROI is important!
ROI calculations are extremely important as outdoor digital displays present investment good. To get more from LCD display systems it’s a necessity to customize the systems and give the public something new (with design of the units and with functionality). We at Infinitus are aware of this necessity. Our outdoor LCD signs are fully customizable. In addition to the standard add-ons, we can integrate preferred electronics into existing systems or creating a product from scratch.

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Speed, quality and health: smoothie truck combines robotics with high brightness lcd screen

What do you get when you combine three of the top trends in today’s commercial foodservice industry — online ordering, health focused menus and food trucks?

Head to Los Angeles and you can order an all-natural smoothie from a fully automated mixer without having to speak to anyone. a smoothie kitchen on wheels operated, offers tasty cold treats prepared and served automatically with state-of-the-art robotics. The self-service “smoothies on wheels” has been serving time-pressed, health conscious since November.

Customers simply approach one of the two ordering high brightness lcd screen kiosks on the side of the truck, browse the menu, order their selection on the touchscreen and watch as robotic systems create their blends from scratch. Within 60 seconds, blends are dispensed at the pick-up area.


Customers can even place their order on their smartphone in advance. Once they are within a 300-foot radius of the truck, the robotic systems can create their order to ensure the blend is freshly prepared by the time they arrive.

Ultra high brightness display will make the content look better and make your customers stop and look. Ultra high bright monitors make a huge difference to how your content is viewed whether it is indoor or out.

A fully automated process
“The automation begins when the order is initiated,” “Humans fill up the hoppers with ingredients at the beginning of the day (strawberries, organic coconut water, chia seeds, etc.), but every aspect of the smoothie assembly is automated from dispensing ingredients to blending.”

Hundreds of sensors high brightness lcd monitor the assembly process to ensure there is no spillage, cross-contamination or inconsistencies. This enables to serve customers with dietary restrictions, allergies or specific product preferences. The kitchen is NSF 169 certified, the equivalent to best in class sanitation.

While the self-order high brightness lcd screen kiosks do not suggest additions to customer orders, the menu presents a large variety of options that allow multiple ingredient combinations.

The lcd monitor kiosks communicate directly to the blenders; there is no kitchen display screen since there are no humans involved in preparing the orders. Orders are normally prepared in 20 to 30 seconds, and delivered in under a minute. Once the order is completed and dispensed in the cup, a robotic arm beneath the dispenser extends the cup to the customer.

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“The customer can then choose if they’d like to apply one of our compostable lids or compostable straw,”

Customers can pay at the kiosks with credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay. They can also pay the attendants, known as “guides,” with cash.

While the production process is fully automated, guides are on hand to help customers if needed. There are usually one or two guides working on the truck at a time.

Environmentally sustainable
The robotic kitchen runs on batteries instead of a diesel generator. Where smoothie restaurants typically use gallons of water to clean each blender, automated self-cleaning blender and robotic systems use 28 times less water because it only needs to clean the blade and because it’s blended in the customer’s compostable cup. From cups to straws, all of Ono’s consumables are compostable.
Everything is vertically integrated — from the software that powers the ordering kiosks to the automation that powers the food production to food we produce with our culinary team, most companies outsource, but we believe being vertically integrated is the best way to build a company that customers love, and this has been backed up with customer reviews.”

Outdoor Digital Signage,full outdoor displays,open frame displays,indoor digital signage,indoor lcd displays,window facing displays,lcd screeens,lcd monitors,digital menu boards are widely used in our life.

“Combining our backgrounds in tech, automation and culinary fine dining, we knew we could fill this void to give more people access to healthy, high-quality food, fast food options usually fall into two buckets: fast, healthy and unaffordable — or fast, unhealthy and affordable — and nothing in between.”