Releases coronavirus response digital signage solutions

It is expanded its suite of Health Protocol Solutions to help businesses reopen and adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic with new digital signage solutions.

COVID-19 Digital Signage
Expanded its suite of Health Protocol Solutions to help businesses reopen and adjust to the coronavirus pandemic with hardware and software tools for occupancy management, temperature screening and public health announcements.

The new solutions are largely part of digital signage packages that include wellness kiosks, occupancy management systems, portable battery-operated systems and contactless interactive digital displays.

A statement that digital signage solutions are helping businesses address pubic health concerns as regulations and guidance continues to change.

“These purpose-built digital signage solutions combine leading displays with the industry’s top sensors and software,” “They’re designed to help retail stores, schools, transit centers and public venues address specific needs that are unique to the current consumer environment, including greater information sharing, customer health monitoring and occupancy tracking.”

Wellness kiosks
The upright, rectangular wellness kiosk systems include a thermal scanner for temperature scanning integrated with a 22- or 32-inch high brightness lcd digital webOS Signage display. It also includes a motion-activated hand sanitizer dispenser and slots for boxes of gloves or masks.

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Occupancy management
With a greater emphasis on social distancing, retail environments must control how many people are inside the store at once. Occupancy Management Solution integrates with 49- and 55-inch high brightness lcd displays and can reduce staff workload by tracking when customers enter and exit. The system includes a separate media player that can help manage traffic by providing wait times or current store occupancy.

Health protocol signage
The Portable A-Frame Display solution combines a 32-inch high brightness Singage display with folding or rolling base so it can be easily relocated. Digital signage can help communicate rules and restrictions in retail stores, schools, and corporate campuses. Larger solutions are available in 49- and 55-inch displays.

Contactless interactive solutions
Contactless solution packages can be customized to any business and are built around virtually any fengshi display to fit specific needs. These solutions allow customers to connect with on-screen digital content through their own mobile devices or voice controls.