Digital signage kiosks remain very popular

Museums need to ensure that they convey information to their audience as accurately and efficiently as possible. The information also needs to be communicated in a way that both educates and develops the audiences interest.

Fengshilcd high brightness lcd kiosks and interactive touchscreen solutions have been used in many museums including the Science Museum, the National Army Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum and many more.

Ensuring the visitors experience is enhanced as much as possible is still an ongoing process. It has become apparent through Acante’s experience that interactive museum kiosks have helped museums to provide a more enjoyable learning experience which in turn has helped to provide the museum with better Value for Money for their visitors

Over the years, Fengshi digital signage has discovered that the most informative way of delivering information is through touchscreens and touch screen kiosk technology. This hands-on interactive format can be utilised to deliver a multitude of useful, educational, informative and usable information through a single interactive information touch screen kiosk solution.

LCD Display Kiosk technology allows museums to communicate with visitors via multiple applications whilst combining audio and video playback through interactive kiosk terminals, delivering key information in an exciting and informative way that is accessible to children and adults alike.

Interactive touch screen kiosks within museums offer a way of improving the visitors experience by delivering greater interactive information about a particular exhibit or exhibition. The kiosks could, for example, show textual information about a specific subject, as well as looped videos and changing images to further enhance the visitors understanding of the exhibit.

Videos can be very helpful in illustrating points of interest and images can help relay real life experiences to the audience.

In each case differing touchscreen solutions and touch screen kiosk terminals were implemented to ensure a best fit solution for the individual museum environment. Whether through the use of floor standing kiosks, wall mounted kiosks or touch screen LCDs and panel PCs.

In order to achieve maximum audience enhancement kiosk solutions need to be wheel chair friendly and usable by both children and adults alike. Fengshi’s range of interactive museum kiosks ensure DDA compliance as they are designed to be the right height and angle to allow for access by wheelchair users and children.

Interactive museum kiosk solutions have already changed the way in which museums and exhibitions deliver information to their audiences. Interactive touch screen technology is continuing to allow museums to vary the delivery content, help attract more visitors and ensure that the customer experience is continually improved.

Fengshi have a range of kiosks which have been developed over the years using feed back acquired from museums. Today our kiosk range and interactive touch screen solutions cater for every requirement no matter how bespoke.
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How to increase gym membership sales using digital signage?

While everyone knows the importance to health, they often fail to realize how important it is to hit a Gym for best results. Many opt for a New Year Resolution pushing them to head the Gym benches but what after that? The gym owners often struggle to figure out how to get a consistent flow of the membership and get renewals too.

Undoubtedly health is very important but with competition and many options available to potential members, getting memberships seems like a task. With time, technology has enhanced the ways to reach masses. Digital Signage is one such tool that has potential of grabbing more eyeballs and affecting the way health is perceived.

How does a digital signage work for gyms & fitness centers
Often we perceive what we see. This sets the very role of High Brightness Digital Signage to place. Placing digital signage in gym at crucial locations with the right content can help you boost on your lead generation for potential memberships. Reception area is one of the pivotal locations wherein offers on new memberships can be widely promoted, schedule of classes can be displayed or events, marathons and new initiatives can be promoted.

Digital signage at the café premise of your gym can promote the benefits of food that are a must for a healthy living. Digital Screen will also assist in creating an environment in the gym wherein people will want to work out daily.

How Digital Signage Helps to Increase Membership Retention?
1.Show them what you’re worth with digital signage for gyms and fitness centres
Digital Signage are so versatile they can be used for numerous purposes. Any person who enters your fitness centre is a potential customer and the very fact that he/she is there is that they are already interested in having your services. The only thing now that remains is for you to convince them to choose you.
Display what is best about your Gym or fitness centre, showcase the results that one can achieve at your place and highlight the personal attention paid to each member. This will help you get more lead conversion. Step a bit further and go ahead to promote the add on services that you offer like in-house range of nutritional products, a newly introduced fitness class for people over 60, promote your referral or loyalty programs or display the achiever of the month from your centre. The possibilities are limitless with the chance of getting results gradually.

Competitions among members can be held and promoted thus pushing them to work hard with a healthy spirit.

2. Break your profit-making record by finding your target viewers
Digital Signage allow you to display the content as per your needs on the time and day as needed. With people of different age group entering your gym at different times, there is an opportunity to promote specific offers and events based on the time of their visits.
Offers like discount for dance and Zumba fitness sessions for teens, swimming or marathon for seniors, morning yoga sessions for working women, special health sessions for pregnant women can be promoted using Digital Signage to grab more signups.

Getting the right content at the right time is crucial and with Digital Signage this can be flexibly managed. Urgent updates to the current promotions can be managed and last-minute changes can be done too. The idea is that your message should hit the mark to get you the right results.

3. Digital signage for gyms and fitness centres keeps people motivated – and makes them renew their membership
While getting new signups is a part worth the effort, pulling the current flock of members again to renew their membership is a different story altogether.

Often people do reach to a point where they decide to pay for the gym membership after much thought but not everyone has the resilience to get used to the hard-hitting sessions and that too on a daily basis. This acts as one of the reasons why members don’t go to renew the membership.
There are a group of people who join gym exclusively due to some important event happening to them like wedding or a long-awaited trip to their dream destination. One cannot expect this lot to hit the gym again unless they come to realise how beneficial it is to regularly workout. Of course, one cannot be forced to head to a gym but motivated enough to try.

Every member to a gym or fitness centre should be assigned a buddy or a trainer who motivates them and acts as their friend to achieve the right kind of living and understand how important it is to regularly exercise.

The buddy or trainer can use Digital Signage to show the effects on your body if not exercised regularly, sharing success stores of loyal gym members so they can be related to, they can be used to show quick exercises that are a must everyday for healthy living or show helpful tips on what kind of food to be eaten for a healthy living.

4. Let local businesses advertise on your digital signage for gyms and fitness centers
Digital signage are a best medium to cross sell for local businesses wherein related industries can promote other services to grab more customer base mutually. There is no harm in going for some advertising revenue, is it?

Local food partners, juice centres or health experts can be partnered with and promoted at Digital Signage in your gym. While some of your members might already be in search for them, others might decide to go to the promoted centre on impulse. Either way, this will help you as well to earn some bucks. The promoted centre in return may pave way to a flock of new members to your gym too.

How Much Does a Digital Signage Cost for Gym?
While the idea of having Digital Signage is tempting, gym owners often stop at the thought of putting any investment on it. While it is being decided to input some money on it, how much would it give as a return? And there is a need of Hardware and Software both.

Removing the dilemma, Digital signage are very easy to setup and operate. Most smart TVs can be used as a digital signage wherein the software can be connected using Amazon Firestick. The hardware is a one time investment. As for the software CMS, they are cost efficient and in return their benefits are worthy.

Digital signage are gradually going to replace the large printed hoards we see. They are a smart, quick and reliable solution to promote your offerings. High brightness screen is one such Digital Signage Solution that offers an easy, ready to go and an affordable solution.

Creating content rich digital signage

Does your digital signage effectively deliver content that keeps the attention of your viewers? In today’s digital world simply playing static slideshow messaging gets ignored. You have less than 10 seconds to keep a viewers attention…so how does your content keep them continuously engaged. This is where a “Content Rich” display can make the impact you need. Content rich does not mean just lots of content, it actually refers to the idea that your software and apps power your signage itself with ever changing content that targets your audience, feels fresh and is relevant to trends happening. Ignoring the need for a content rich display software will only limit the effectiveness of your digital signage lcd display investment.

So it is important to understand what content apps and widgets are available for you to create and automate content within your digital signage software. There is a large range of digital signage software applications that offer different levels of content creation flexibility.

Basic slideshow functions – no app integration or individual sections
Enterprise development – custom developed and costly updates
Zoned content – specific content in specific spaces with no flexibility
If a content rich display is your goal then you will want to choose a signage software that offers built in widgets and apps to give you flexibility and keeps your display current while minimizing the daily demands on your time.

Fengshi LCD digital signage offers many widgets and apps ready to handle content by linking to many web based feeds available.
Flexibility is Key for Engaging Digital Signage Content
With so many content widgets available it is also important to be able to manage, plan and organize your content as you want it to display. A flexible high brightness digital signage software like fengshilcd allows you to customize any layout with the content you need to support your digital goals. if you want a special widget, Fengshi lcd developers are available to discuss options. Having templates or free form pages that allow for customization is a must have feature. Being locked into limiting layouts will limit how effectively you can display rich content. One tip is not to overload your page with too many elements displayed at once. This will only turn away viewers with confusion because of the lack of focus. Instead, an effective design is one with a multi page feature that allows you to transition between content widgets so that each page stands out and speaks to your viewers. Fengshi digital signage lcd display lets you manage pages with rich content that you can plan and schedule to play while rotating through widgets with timing and automated feeds for digital success.

How does digital signage work?

You see screens everywhere these days. In all kinds of public spaces, from shopping centers to corporate hubs, there are digital signage displays showing information that people find interesting and useful. They could be static digital signs, they could be interactive touchscreens, or there could be a big video wall. Or there could be a combination of all of these.

At its most basic level, digital signage is a screen of some sort (probably an LCD screen), some kind of visual messaging presented in a digital format, and a way for the screen to show the messages.

The basics
Technically speaking, if someone wanted to put a few PowerPoint slides on a thumb drive and play them in rotation on a flatscreen TV, that is digital signage. That’s about as basic as it can get. But the digital signage industry, which gets bigger every year, is clearly offering more than just that.

How do digital signage systems work? Here are the basic things you need:

Content — a way to design and create messages, as well as how the overall screen layout will look; could be special software programs or the design tools from another program (like PowerPoint); this can also include data feeds and subscriptions.
Management — a content management system (CMS) that organizes, schedules and delivers your messages to media players or playback devices; this software can be housed on a native content server on site or cloud based.
Playback — a media player is a PC or appliance that pushes the content to the display; the player software handles visual rendering of the messages and feeds in a content playlist, and distributes it to one or more screens.
Display — screens of some sort (usually flatscreen TVs, LCDs) that are wall-mounted or contained within a kiosk; could be interactive touchscreens for things like wayfinding and menu boards; can also be several screens networked into a video wall.
Infrastructure — this is all of the mounts, cabling, network connections, etc. that enable the messages to go from the content server to the media players to the displays; could include internet connection to show live web pages, social media feeds, real time data feeds and more.
Most companies who offer high brightness digital signage software cover the first three items on the list. Usually, an audiovisual integrator or IT reseller can help with the screens and infrastructure, as well as identifying the best software solution for your environment. Although some software vendors don’t provide the playback hardware themselves (frequent with cheaper cloud-based systems), you’ll still need to have some sort of media player to get content to your screens.

When companies talk about enterprise digital signage solutions, they usually offer all five components (either in-house or through AV/IT partnerships), as well as professional services and support. Oftentimes, these digital signage providers will offer content feeds, design services, training and consulting for content and engagements strategies.

At its most basic level, a digital signage network needs:

a way to make messages.
a way to organize and schedule those messages.
something to push those messages to displays.
the displays and other hardware needed to get your messages in front of your audience.
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Digital signage’s role in the new retail landscape

With the increase in popularity of online shopping and the changing habits of consumers who have been in lockdown for four months, this is the most challenging time that retailers have ever faced. The pandemic has forced innovation in the sector at an unprecedented pace, resulting in some exciting success stories.

Streamlining in-store
Now, the customer wants to spend as little time as possible in the store, making contactless payments a must, as well as very clear sunlight readable lcd signage to ensure any journeys are easy to navigate.
To achieve this challenging goal, technology is key. Compliance with legal regulations enforcing capacity limitations is made simpler by using cameras, sensors and digital solutions to manage footfall and traffic flow. These are also being used to communicate the differing ways a retailer is making the in-store experience more efficient.

Every journey in-store should end with a seamless, contactless experience, based on a smart queue management system and self-check kiosks. However, Click and Collect is booming – allowing consumers to order online to guarantee purchase before heading into the store to pick up an item.

This is set to increase beyond the hardware and grocery stores to include all types of retailers, so we’re seeing spaces which are being reconfigured to communicate and facilitate this for a quicker transaction.

Creating experiential retail
While many brands have announced store closures, a few are using this reduction in real estate to expand the footprints of their stores, giving flagship locations an experiential focus. Retailers are creating bigger spaces where they can build a stronger relationship with their customers, making them feel safe and ensuring the store is in line with new government regulations.

Creating connection through digital
Big high brightness LCD or video wall screens display, way finders and lift and learn spaces will help the customer enjoy the experience without direct contact with an employee. Fitting rooms will utilise AR, algorithms and powerful data lakes to combine data from the shop including stock and availability information to enable a more high-tech experience than ever before. This can also be personalised for the customer to reflect activity on their social media, or even web browsing or purchase history with the website.

Focussing on the future
Most of the new concepts established high brightness digital signage,lcd display,during the last month (digital screens with handheld sanitisers, thermal cameras, mask recognition, etc.) are great to cover an imminent demand. But are these requirements here to stay and how can they benefit your business in the long term?

With all these systems in place, a massive amount of data will be collected. Therefore, there has never been a better opportunity for the retailer to understand customer behaviors by applying intelligence to improve customer loyalty and ultimately, secure the business with a more robust plan for the future.
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Fengshi LCD intros 86-inch IP56 full outdoor LCD display

Fengshi LCD has introduced its 86-inch UltraView UHD Outdoor TV. This display operates at temperatures ranging from -22 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a press release.

It comes with an outdoor flat wall mount for secure installation. It also features an IR extender input and repeater output as well as a High TNI panel for direct sunlight readability. Other features include:

IP56 construction to protect internal electronics.
Waterproof universal remote, supports HDMI, high brightness, IPS panel for accurate color representation when viewing off axis.
As the weather gets warmer, fengshi lcd are excited to offer an even greater design option to our award winning UltraView UHD Outdoor TV solutions, whether it’s an outdoor sports bar, throughout a stadium concourse, or in your backyard, the UltraView line is an ideal solution that provides customers with safe, enhanced options that are bright enough to be viewed in direct sunlight and intelligent enough to automatically adjust brightness for low light viewing.

With the major panel manufacturers’ efforts to promote the commercialization of large-size panels, Fengshi Technology has responded actively. Combining many years experience in the development of high-brightness LCD backlight modules, a new generation of large-size high-brightness LCD modules was launched. The first large-size high brightness LCD screen, 86-inch outdoor highlight LCD screen.

The 86-inch high-bright LCD screen adopts Fengshi Technology to independently develop aluminum structure, which is easy to guide and disperse. It can be a large-size LCD screen to achieve high brightness and fully meet outdoor applications. With the newly developed new generation of energy-saving backlight, it is more energy efficient. DLED backlight, the brightness is more uniform.

Shenzhen Fengshi Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of outdoor high-brightness LCD module and professional large-size high-brightness LCD manufacturer. For many years, our team has been actively promoting the development of the outdoor commercial display industry. Starting from 32-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 43-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 49-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 55-inch high-brightness LCD screen to 4K, 65-inch high-brightness LCD screen, 75-inch High-brightness LCD screen, 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, today launched 86-inch high-brightness LCD screen, next step, we will launch more series of high-brightness LCD screen.
Fengshi Technology specializes in producing large-size outdoor high brightness LCD panel.

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