Digital signage kiosks remain very popular

Museums need to ensure that they convey information to their audience as accurately and efficiently as possible. The information also needs to be communicated in a way that both educates and develops the audiences interest.

Fengshilcd high brightness lcd kiosks and interactive touchscreen solutions have been used in many museums including the Science Museum, the National Army Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum and many more.

Ensuring the visitors experience is enhanced as much as possible is still an ongoing process. It has become apparent through Acante’s experience that interactive museum kiosks have helped museums to provide a more enjoyable learning experience which in turn has helped to provide the museum with better Value for Money for their visitors

Over the years, Fengshi digital signage has discovered that the most informative way of delivering information is through touchscreens and touch screen kiosk technology. This hands-on interactive format can be utilised to deliver a multitude of useful, educational, informative and usable information through a single interactive information touch screen kiosk solution.

LCD Display Kiosk technology allows museums to communicate with visitors via multiple applications whilst combining audio and video playback through interactive kiosk terminals, delivering key information in an exciting and informative way that is accessible to children and adults alike.

Interactive touch screen kiosks within museums offer a way of improving the visitors experience by delivering greater interactive information about a particular exhibit or exhibition. The kiosks could, for example, show textual information about a specific subject, as well as looped videos and changing images to further enhance the visitors understanding of the exhibit.

Videos can be very helpful in illustrating points of interest and images can help relay real life experiences to the audience.

In each case differing touchscreen solutions and touch screen kiosk terminals were implemented to ensure a best fit solution for the individual museum environment. Whether through the use of floor standing kiosks, wall mounted kiosks or touch screen LCDs and panel PCs.

In order to achieve maximum audience enhancement kiosk solutions need to be wheel chair friendly and usable by both children and adults alike. Fengshi’s range of interactive museum kiosks ensure DDA compliance as they are designed to be the right height and angle to allow for access by wheelchair users and children.

Interactive museum kiosk solutions have already changed the way in which museums and exhibitions deliver information to their audiences. Interactive touch screen technology is continuing to allow museums to vary the delivery content, help attract more visitors and ensure that the customer experience is continually improved.

Fengshi have a range of kiosks which have been developed over the years using feed back acquired from museums. Today our kiosk range and interactive touch screen solutions cater for every requirement no matter how bespoke.
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