Fengshilcd powers digital signage at experiential landmark

Digital signage is widely used in navigation, placemaking, exhibitions, public installations, marketing, and outdoor advertising. It uses technologies such as LCD, displays, and projection to display contents such as digital images, videos, and information. Digital signage displays make use of content management systems and digital media distribution systems that are installed on PCs and servers to present information. The digital signage market in education sector is growing phenomenally with its unique advertising and communication capabilities in the age of digitized education system.

A experiential landmark in art and cultural district, recently deployed seven LCD video walls as well as circular LCD displays, lift lobby displays and an interactive gaming facility. Fengshilcd provided its Series 4 players to power the seven LCD video walls and other players for the other displays, according to a press release.

used cloud to deliver live streamed events to the displays such as performances by musicians, dancers and theater performers, as well as special promotions. It also installed 1,000 fengshi players throughout the area, which were powered by Power-over-Ethernet, according to the release.

“The high brightness sunlight readable lcd display installation is an exciting example of how digital signage can at once improve a building’s aesthetics, enrich the visitor experience and enhance convenience,” fengshi said in the release. “Featured promotions and special events at fengshi are presented in the most dynamic and visual way possible while the wayfinding solution helps customers find the location of restaurants and retail stores.”