Study reveals the importance of digital signage

Analysts agree that the future of advertising is in the digital format. We present a study that reveals the importance of digital signage.

The new platforms and technologies are part of the daily life of our society and should not be seen as competitors, but rather as a new opportunity to increase DOOH ( Digital Out of Home ), in different services and areas of activity.

In a world where more and more information circulates, capturing a customer’s attention has become an hard task. Companies in different areas of activity are looking for solutions and new alternatives in the new technologies, since the conventional ones begin to stop to follow the new habits of the modern consumers.

There begins to be a big buzz about the advertising industry. From year to year, studies show significant increases in expenses for digital advertising. Commerce is one of the sectors where digital advertising has caused more impact. Recent studies show that digital signage is more effective in promoting products and services.
Programmatic advertising applies in this area. For those who don’t know the concept of programmatic advertising, we advise you to read this article – click here. With this managers and marketers are able to perceive and study in a more targeted way, which types of ads, which users watch the most, or which might be more attractive.

The development of technology forces citizens to become more technological. There are more and more studies demonstrating this behavior change.

Developer of Digital Point-of-Sale and Advertising Networks, recently conducted a study that points to the following facts:

Queues are the most hated part of shopping
Among the clients interviewed, 69% said they are extremely frustrated and annoyed by the long waiting lines for payment. 84% of customers said that watching content on digital panels decreases the perception of waiting time, so it looks like time goes by faster.

Digital signage in supermarkets reduces waiting time to at least 35%.

Most customers are interested in digital panels
70.2% of the clients interviewed said that they watched the contents that are on the digital panels. Another 15.7% said they were not sure, however, this means that 85.9% of buyers are potentially interested in watching.

The data can be even more encouraging, with 85% of shoppers having digital signage saying that the digital panels are fun and enjoyable to watch.

78% of them claim that the digital panels catch their attention and 70% say the content is useful.

Nearly half of customers are more likely to buy in stores with digital signage
40% of customers said in this study that they would be more likely to shop in places with digital signage.

In this study it was possible to extract other very important information such as:

What content do customers prefer to see on these digital panels?

76% What’s on sale
75% Time
69% Upcoming events / specials at the store
65% New in-store services
64% Local community events
63% Revenue Ideas
What can we conclude from this study ?

This study was carried out in outlets such as grocery stores and supermarkets. And it is amazing to realize the amount of useful information we can collect.

The perception that digital signage is very important is one of the main ones. The advantages we see are incredible:

Reduces the perception of wait times,adaptation to the context and audience,decreased complaints,attractive contents,dynamic advertising,more enjoyable consumption experience,collection of statistical data
Digital signage attracts consumers’ attention and allows for much more effective interaction and experience!
In addition, we can realize that this study can be applied not only in grocery stores and supermarkets, but also for other points of sale such as clothing stores, electronics stores, etc.

Opting for digital signage means not only creating new interactive experiences but also engaging the target audience in a more flexible and cost-effective way to communicate.
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This is a new way to communicate with customers or potential customers and at the same time create.